Kawai ES110 Digital Piano Performance with Adam Berzowski

Tackle a variety of genres and styles with the ES110

Kraft Music’s own Adam Berzowski presents the Kawai ES110 Digital Piano. Kawai is one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic pianos. They do an amazing job of translating that expertise and level of detail to the ES110, giving you an authentic piano experience. Adam plays a number of pieces for you that utilize the piano’s incredible dynamics, sounds, and features. He takes you through technical passages, jazzy arrangements, haunting melodies, and more.

If you’d like to get a deeper look into the Kawai ES110, check out our full demo video. Adam gives a tour of the many features included on this impressive instrument. Connecting to a sound system or recording direct is easy with the ES110. It has ¼” outputs on the back of the unit. Another incredible feature is the ability to use Bluetooth technology to connect your piano a variety of music apps.

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