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Hammond SKX Stage Keyboard / Organ


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The SKX is the smallest, lightest, full-featured dual-manual Hammond organ ever produced. Evolving from the SK series organs, the SKX has embraced design recommendations from Professionals and Hobbyists alike. The result is a comprehensive instrument combining an authentic Hammond organ with a complete array keyboard voices most desired by musicians. The SKX serves as the backbone of any serious keyboard rig.

  • Dual Manual (61-key)
  • 3 sets of drawbars
  • Dual Independent Extra Voice Divisions
  • Touch-Response Percussion with adjustable paramters
  • ProChord allows complex voicings to be played with one finger
  • USB port for saving/loading setups, system updates, and Extra Voice libraries
  • Digital Effects including realistic Leslie simulation
  • 11-pin Leslie Output
  • Master Equalizer

The Vintage Sound, With No Moving parts
The SKX’s authentic Hammond tone is produced by a “Virtual Tonewheel” generator closely following Mr. Hammond’s original design, but executing it in the digital realm, without the moving parts. This provides all the characteristics and yes, all the imperfections that have come to define the classic Hammond sound. “Out of the Box” the SKX is set to the same factory tolerances a B-3 was set to during its production run., but the Digital Control allows you to tailor nearly aspect of the tone to your personal taste.

Three Sets of Drawbars
The professional organist desires an independent set of drawbars for each Manual as well as the pedal clavier, the SKX offers exactly that: REAL drawbars in the style and operation of every classic Hammond Organ, allows you to register each manual and the pedal in the traditional manner.

Dual Independent Extra Voice Divisions
The SKX featured TWO independent extra voice divisions, allowing you to layer different voices on the manual, or assign a different voice to either manual. You may also combine the extra voices with the tonewheel, transistor or pipe organ voices. Balance between the chosen extra voices is easily controller with I dedicated MIX/BALANCE knob.

As the Virtual Tonewheel Generator provides tonal accuracy, the classic “Mechanical Scanner” is precisely Digitally-Modeled, providing the timeless Hammond Chorus-Vibrato effect. The effect may be applied independently to each manual, and again, nearly every aspect of the effect can be tailored to your taste, including the characteristics relating to the “age and wear” so desired by discerning players.

With 8 factory profiles and 8 user-definable profiles, the Leslie simulation allows you to match the Hammond you create with its perfect match. The accuracy of sound is remarkable. Of Course, should you wish to hook up a physical Leslie Cabinet, the traditional 11-pin jack is located on the rear panel, and the onboard controls (including the optional CU-1 “half-moon” switch) perform exactly as you’d expect.

The Extra Voice Division
The inclusion of High-Definition acoustic and electric pianos, Clav Bass, and Accordion voiced compliment the Organ tones making the SKX a comprehensive foundation keyboard. Stepping further, the most-wanted orchestral string voices, woodwinds and brass are represented. An extensive library of elective “Extra Voices” is available without charge from Hammond’s website. Expand the SKX in the directions YOU choose.

Various Effects
Two independent high-quality DSP units are aboard to provide overdrive and other multi-effects to both the Organ and Extra Voices divisions. Effects include: Overdrive, Reverb, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Flanger and Chorus

More Information
Manufacturer Hammond
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power Supply
Number of Keys 61 x 2 (Dual Manual)
Key Action Semi-Weighted Waterfall
Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
Programs/Presets 100 Factory Patches, 100 User Patches
Voices of Polyphony 61 per manual (except pipe organ)
8 for Pedal (except pipe organ)
63 max for pipe organ
Transpose Yes
Split Yes
Duet Mode No
Layer Yes
MIDI Control Zones 6
Metronome No
Accompaniments No
Effects Overdrive, Tremolo, Auto Pan, Wah-Wah, Ring Modulator, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb
Onboard Controllers Master Volume, Organ Volume, Extra Voice Volume, Balance
Control Connections Foot Switch, Damper Pedal, Expression Pedal
Half-Damper Support Yes
Audio Outputs 1/4" Line Out (L+R)
1/4" Headphones
MIDI In, Out
USB Flash Drive Port (to Device) System Updates
Organ Models Tonewheel, Transistor, Pipe
Drawbar Style Physical
Drawbar Sets 2 Sets
Pedal Drawbars Yes
Leslie Output 11-Pin
Reverse Key Presets No
Rotary Simulation Yes
Half Moon Switch Input Yes
Pedal Board Input 5-Pin MIDI In
Finish Black / Red
Width 37.2"
Depth 17.9"
Height 6.7"
Product Weight 37.3 lbs

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