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HeadRush Looperboard was designed with the goal of pushing the art of looping live audio to the next level. Looperboard utilizes a powerful, tailor-made quad-core DSP system combined with a 7" touch interface and a generous complement of audio inputs and outputs with premium circuitry for superb sound. Plus, there's over eight hours of onboard recording time, virtually unlimited expansion via USB/SD drives, compete customization to suit your perfect looping workflow, intelligent timestretch, premium onboard effects, an onboard USB audio interface and much more.

  • 7" high-resolution touch display
  • Powered by a custom quad-core DSP system
  • Record up to 4 stereo or mono looper tracks at once with no maximum length limits
  • Over 8 hours of internal storage with virtually unlimited expansion via USB/SD drives
  • 4 × combo XLR + 1/4" inputs (mono, balanced) with switchable +48V phantom power
  • 2 × balanced XLR outputs with switchable ground lift
  • 2 × balanced 1/4" outputs switchable between line and amp levels
  • Outputs can be configured in mono or in stereo pairs
  • Premium onboard effects for all instrument types including auto vocal harmony and tuning
  • Auto BPM detection when recording a loop and when importing audio to a looper track
  • Tap tempo with intelligent timestretch feature changes tempo without affecting pitch
  • Click feature with configurable output routing
  • Undo/redo and peel functionality
  • 5-pin MIDI connections provide external MIDI control of Looperboard and the ability to send or receive MIDI clock
  • Built-in USB audio interface
  • Includes Pro Tools | First: HeadRush Edition
  • Over 300 built-in drum and percussion loops
close-up image of hand with extended finger touching HeadRush Looperboard display

7" high-resolution touch display
A refined user interface with a huge 7" display provides all the dynamic feedback you need to stay focused on building your loop. You can touch, swipe and drag-and-drop to customize Looperboard to your personal looping workflow.

close-up image with tip of shoe pressing footswitch on HeadRush Looperboard showing 12 footswitches with RGB LEDs

Intuitive and customizable workflow
Featuring individual RGB LEDs that dynamically update to provide useful feedback, Looperboard's 12 footswitches enable you to quickly create and transform your loops. In addition to controlling track record, overdub and playback status, these footswitches also provide control of the length and speed of your full loop as well as the ability to reverse, fade, transpose, bounce, undo/redo, peel and clear individual tracks as needed. Additionally, you can reassign the function of the four start/stop footswitches to be shortcuts to your favorite features.

close-up image with tip of shoe pressing footswitch on HeadRush Looperboard showing 12 footswitches with RGB LEDs
close-up image with hand plugging USB thumb drive into the back of HeadRush Looperboard

Endless looping and backing tracks
HeadRush Looperboard can record up to four stereo or mono looper tracks at once with no maximum loop length limits. You can store over eight hours of audio to its internal storage or expand to a virtually unlimited amount of storage by connecting external USB or SD drives. In addition to importing audio directly to looper tracks, you can also use the dedicated backing track player to quickly select and play backing tracks from your internal or external storage.

screen image from HeadRush Looperboard showing effects setup interface

Premium effects with auto vocal harmony and tuning
Featuring a suite of premium built-in effects suitable for all instruments, HeadRush Looperboard has all you need to make guitars and basses thump, vocals sound crisp and clear, keyboards sound tight and compressed and much more. Lo-fi and rhythmic effects like the Slicer and Pumper will open up your creative mind. Most notably, the automatic vocal harmony and tuning effects will help you get that perfect studio vocal sound during live performances every time.

screen image from HeadRush Looperboard showing effects setup interface
screen image from HeadRush Looperboard showing mixer interface

Advanced looping features
Get the flexibility of a DAW by mixing and panning your tracks anywhere in the stereo field. Powerful features such as tap tempo with intelligent timestretch, automatic tempo detection of loops and quantize keep your loops sounding pristine and perfectly in time. You also have the ability import WAV or MP3 loops to a track and have them automatically match the current loop tempo.

close-up image of shoe pressing footswitch on HeadRush Looperboard

For the road and the studio
HeadRush Looperboard is housed in a durable, road-ready steel chassis that is ready to travel to studios, rehearsal spaces and gigs. There's also a convenient cable route built into Looperboard's bottom panel so that you can keep cables organized and out of the way.

close-up image of shoe pressing footswitch on HeadRush Looperboard
rear panel image of HeadRush Looperboard showing audio and data connections

All the connections you need
Loaded with premium audio circuitry operating at 32-bit floating 48kHz audio quality, HeadRush Looperboard complements your existing rig with all the connections you need to handle any situation. Featuring four combo XLR + 1/4" inputs (mono, balanced) with switchable phantom power, two balanced XLR outputs + two balanced 1/4" outputs (configurable in mono or stereo pairs), 5-pin MIDI input and output, USB and SD storage inputs, plus a built-in USB audio interface, Looperboard will enhance your current setup while giving you the flexibility to manage any performance.

screen image from HeadRush Looperboard showing audio routing interface

Class-leading audio routing
The intuitive audio routing feature enables you to quickly route any of the four inputs, four looper tracks, backing track or click track to any of the four outputs and/or headphone output, giving you the flexibility to quickly get set up with any sound system.

More Information
Manufacturer HeadRush
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer USB Cable
Power Adapter
Software Download Card
Effects Looping
Amp Simulation
Vocal Harmony
Vocal Tuning
Audio Inputs (4) Combo XLR + ¼" Inputs with switchable phantom power
Audio Outputs (4) Assignable XLR, ¼" outputs, and headphone outputs
Pedal Switches 12
On-Board Expression Pedal No
USB Functionality File Transfer/Storage, Editor/Librarian, Recording Interface
Power Adaptor Included
Width 20.16"
Depth 12.24"
Height 3.0"
Product Weight 12.13 lbs
Unique Features 7" high-resolution multi-touch display
Over 9 hours of internal recording time or expand to a virtually unlimited amount of storage by connecting external USB or SD drives
Tap tempo with intelligent time-stretch

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