JoMoX ModBase 09 MkII Eurorack Bass Drum Module

ModBase 09 MKII

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JoMoX Eurorack Kick Drum Synthesizer Module
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JoMoX ModBase 09 MkII is a dedicated kick drum eurorack module with real analog sound, a single-voice storeable analog synthesizer optimized to produce professional, club-compatible bass drum sounds. ModBase 09 MkII is fully controllable by analog control voltage and gate signals as well as via MIDI. All sound parameters can be remotely controlled by either the four CV inputs or via MIDI CC.

  • Module controls
    • Tune knob: vary the pitch envelope of the VCO
    • Pitch knob: tune basses as low as 10Hz or up to 175Hz
    • Decay knob: adjust kick drum decay time up to 2 sec
    • Harmonics knob: enrich harmonics of the VCO
    • Pulse knob: change the pure pulse part of the attack (gate time also affects this parameter)
    • Noise knob: change the pure noise part of the attack (gate time also affects this parameter)
    • Attack knob: mix the levels of pulse and attack
    • EQ knob: filter the bass drum with a low pass filter for soft and 808-ish kick drums
    • Gate T parameter (accessible via menu buttons and Value encoder): vary the gate time from 0.1ms to 16ms
    • Compr parameter (accessible via menu buttons and Value encoder): compress the decay envelope for slim and clicky kicks
    • MetNze parameter (accessible via menu buttons and Value encoder): adjust the level metalized noise, a complex digital multitone pattern of 499 different combinations
  • Patch points
    • CV1-CV4 inputs: route external 0-5V CV signals to any of the above parameters including LFOs (accepts negative values)
    • LIN. FM input: true analog dedicated CV FM modulation input for the bass drum VCO (only works linear-wise and does not offer musical semitones across the CV scale)
    • ACC input: CV input for the kick drum accent / velocity (may also trigger the kick drum dynamically if ACC trigger mode is enabled and the sequencer is able to generate dynamic pulses)
    • LFO input: ModBase 09 MkII has two LFOs (saw up, saw down, sine, triangle, rectangle) that affect the pitch of the bass drum and always start synchronous to the gate trigger
    • MIDI in/out (5-pin jacks mounted directly on circuit board): all parameters including LFOs can be remotely controlled by MIDI CCs via CC# assignments identical to JoMoX Alpha Base, XBASE999 and MBase11
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 20hp
    • Module depth: 53mm
    • Power usage: 120mA-140mA @ +12V, 80mA @ -12V
More Information
MPN ModBase 09 MKII
Manufacturer JoMoX
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Mounting screws
Eurorack ribbon power cable
Module Type Drum/Percussion
Module Width 20hp
Depth 53mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 120mA-140mA @ +12V
80mA @ -12V
+5V Required No

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