JoMoX T-Resonator II Time Woven Filter Matrix

T-Resonator II

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JoMoX Compact Desktop Multi-Effects Module with Delay, Dual Analog Filters, Envelope Follower

Moonwind is a true analog stereo filter with built-in step sequencer, a fantastic sounding digital FX chip, two LFOs and envelope modulation.

Everything is storable and controllable via MIDI.

You can play the Moonwind like a synth by MIDI notes and play melodies on the filters if they whistle in self-resonant mode.

The sequencer is able to control cutoff, Q and resonance per step and per filter and thus turns the stereo filter with analog feedback effects into a creative instrument of its own.

This makes the Moonwind an easy-to-use and awesome analog sounding engine that is playable like a synth and can be seamlessly integrated into a DAW recording system.

  • Filters
    • Two real analog, low noise multimode filters
    • Operational Transconductance Amplifier (OTA) technology provides excellent vibrational performance across the entire audio range from 10Hz-30kHz
    • Q and resonance separately adjustable per filter
    • Lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch shapes are separately assignable per filter
    • The filters are connectable among each other
    • One LFO per filter controls the cutoff frequency
    • Separate envelope amount per filter, created from audio with an analog envelope follower
    • Inputs are Hi-Z and can amplify guitar or bass signals directly
  • Effects
    • Digital effects chip with 15 algorithms
    • Analog FX feedback in order to create tape delays and wave guides
    • Three parameters per FX algorithm
    • The effects programs include chorus, flanger, tremolo, reverb, delay and some more exciting programs
    • Eight effects programs can be reloaded by OS update later on
    • Built-in noise generator
  • Sequencer
    • Sequencer can record cutoff, Q and resonance separately per step and per filter
    • Maximum 64 steps per pattern
    • Maximum 16 steps per bar (then max. 4 bars), bars can be dynamically set according to the number of steps per bar
    • Clock divider can resolve max. 32nd per bar
    • Record/undo function to record filter trails using the rotary knobs
    • Sequencer and LFOs are MIDI clock synchronizable
    • MIDI notes control the cutoff of the filters; MIDI CCs control the rest of parameters
  • Hardware
    • Cutoff, Q and Resonance controls are potentiometers
    • Stable metal axis potentiometers and encoders with axle bearings
    • 2x24 character LCD display
    • OS can be updated over MIDI
More Information
MPN T-Resonator II
Manufacturer JoMoX
Condition New
Mfg. Included Accessories Power Supply
Effects 2 Filters
2 delay lines /chorus /reverb
Positive/Cross/FM feedback
Envelope follower w/LFO
Patches / Programs 8 Programs/Algorithms
Audio Inputs (2) 1/4" - L/Mono, R
Audio Outputs (2) 1/4" - L, R
Pedal Switches
On-Board Expression Pedal No
Control Connections N/A
USB Functionality N/A
Power Adaptor Included
Width N/A
Depth N/A
Height N/A
Product Weight N/A
Unique Features Filters have a digital stereo delay integrated into the feedback loops
Envelope follower is combined with a sine LFO

JoMoX Limited Warranty

JoMoX products are covered under warranty for two (2) years.

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