Kilpatrick Audio Carbon Sequencer and Performance System

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Kilpatrick Audio Sequencer, Performance Control System and USB Interface

Kilpatrick Audio Carbon offers several distinct and powerful functions that will change the way you compose and perform.

Carbon is primarily designed as a pattern-based sequencer. It has six tracks which can each hold 64 steps. Steps can be generated randomly, edited interactively, or recorded from a MIDI keyboard one step at a time or in realtime while the sequencer is running. Polyphony and CC recording is supported so each step can contain chords or other performance data.

The fun begins once you've got some notes playing back on a track. Choose a region to play back – say, the first 8 steps – and the track will play those same 8 steps over and over. Now, move to another track and record a new sequence. This sequence can be a different length or play back at a different speed. It can even play backwards while the other sequence plays forwards.

Remix with patterns and scenes
The real power of Carbon is how variations of sequences can be made. By simply turning the PATTERN control, different steps in the sequence can be enabled and disabled. The patterns will surprise and inspire you by creating new rhythms and motifs with a simple twist of a knob. These are all based on your original sequence and can be changed at any time.

Adding in the concept of scenes lets you quickly switch between different parts of a song or different variations. Scenes can store the range of steps to play, the pattern, track mute state and a number of other parameters. Switching back and forth between scenes offers endless performance potential without ever missing a beat.

The best part of the Carbon sequencer is that all the recording and editing can be done in real time without ever stopping the sequencer.

Performance powerhouse
Do you fire up your DAW software in the studio simply to route MIDI signals from your keyboard controller to various instruments? Creating a session just to route MIDI is clunky and slow, and when you're on stage requiring a computer can be a liability. Carbon's LIVE button allows live playing to any combination of outputs.

MIDI switching/routing system
Carbon is a complete performance switching system that allows you to send your keyboard signal to MIDI and analog instruments. Two built-in MIDI outputs enable separate routing of clock and channel signals from each track. The analog section supports four CV/gate outputs plus reset and clock signals. Both monophonic and duo/polyphonic output types are supported. You can even send to multiple MIDI and analog instruments at the same time!

Keyboard split
Does your favorite keyboard controller lack a keyboard split function? It's never been easier to send MIDI where you want it. Send your left hand to one instrument and your right to another, or two others if you want. Quickly switch back to a single instrument across the entire keyboard at the touch of a button.

A good arpeggiator has been a boon to electronic performers for decades. Carbon has a powerful internal arpeggiator that supports all the standard arp types plus loads more. Each of the six tracks in Carbon has a separate arpeggiator so you can make serious harmonic madness!

When the sequence is running, the arpeggiator automatically syncs to the sequencer. When it's stopped, the arpeggiator starts as soon as you press a key. Carbon's 'intelligent reload' arpeggiator programming allows you time to change chords without losing a step.

Want to use a USB controller that lacks MIDI output ports? No problem: Carbon has a built-in USB host interface that will power your class-compliant MIDI device and allow you to use it to control Carbon or send MIDI or CV/gate signals to any device. You no longer need a computer or other dedicated box to use your favorite USB MIDI controller.

USB-to-MIDI and -CV interface
Need to use your computer for bigger compositions? Don't worry, you don't have to disconnect Carbon: when plugged into a Mac or PC, it becomes a powerful MIDI and CV interface. Use Carbon's control surface to run your DAW software.

All your instruments connected to the MIDI and analog CV ports can be used directly from your DAW software. The analog clock and reset outputs can also be used to drive analog clock-based gear from your DAW.

  • Pattern-based sequencer, performance control system and USB interface
  • Beautiful color LCD screen shows everything in real time
  • Six tracks with two assignable outputs per track
  • Up to 64 steps per track
  • Polyphonic tracks store chords and CC data with up to 6 MIDI events per step
  • Playback start and end points are uniquely configurable for each track
  • Gate pattern function offers quick remixes of each track
  • Multiple track select allows adjusting multiple tracks' parameters at the same time
  • Tap tempo and fractional BPM setting for perfect timing adjustment
  • High resolution internal clock source never drifts or jitters
  • Swing control with automatic handling of tracks with different time divisions
  • Flexible MIDI and CV routing allows huge control possibilities
  • 'Bias tracks' allow tracks to transpose other tracks for old school sequencer tricks
  • Six scenes offer fast parameter changes during live performance
  • LIVE mode allows live performance from a keyboard
  • Keyboard transpose mode allows transposition during playback
  • Internal 2MB flash memory offers storage for 64 songs
  • Keyboard split and LIVE multi-select modes allow fast and flexible live MIDI routing
  • Powerful arpeggiator on every track can be used live or with sequence playback
  • Complete open source firmware uses free development tools – ready for your own hacks!
  • Analog clock and reset outputs (0V/+5V)
  • Four CV outputs (-5V to +5V, 1V/octave digitally calibrated)
  • Four gate outputs (0V/+5V)
  • Two MIDI output ports (separately assignable)
  • USB host port provides up to 500mA to bus power USB controllers
  • USB device port connects to PC or Mac for use as a MIDI interface and controller
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