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    Korg microKORG XL+ Synthesizer / Vocoder

    The MicroKorg XL+ delivers a fresh update to the sounds and look of the MicroKorg XL, making it an ideal compact keyboard.

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    With its unmistakably unique exterior and its inimitable sound, Korg microKORG set the standard for analog modeling synthesizers. 2008 saw the introduction of the microKORG XL, which inherited microKORG's fat and powerful sounds while adding keyboard staples such as electric piano and CX-3 organ. microKORG XL+, the next evolutionary step, delivers a fresh update to the sounds and look of microKORG XL+, making it an ideal compact keyboard.

    • Even more vintage sounds, including the Korg SGproX piano, M1 and Vox organs and well-known tape instruments
    • Updated program genre selector reflects the current musical scene
    • Nostalgic black panel 'new vintage' design
    • Features MMT, the distillation of Korg's analog modeling technology
    • Vocoder with included gooseneck microphone
    • A powerful Kaoss effects engine, the kind of effects you would expect from Korg
    • Korg's proprietary natural touch mini-keyboard, designed with an emphasis on playability
    • Battery powered operation is supported for increased portability

    More vintage sounds than ever
    Lush analog modeled synthesizer sounds that are characteristic of microKORG have been added to microKORG XL+. In addition, for band use, microKORG XL+ comes equipped with the piano sound from Korg's classic SGproX stage piano, famous for its ability to stand out in your band's mix, as well as its hard-edged grand-type electric piano. This compact package also includes sounds from the M1 and Vox organ, vintage tape-type string and flute machines, as well as other gorgeous sounds from keyboard history. Of course, these sounds can be played full-range like the originals that inspired them, either by using the onboard octave switch or by connecting your choice of any MIDI-capable full-sized keyboard. Each of these 128 programs are genuinely inspiring sounds, giving microKORG XL+ plenty of variety to serve as your main keyboard or as a secondary keyboard in your rig.

    Program genre selector
    microKORG XL featured a sound selector that let you choose your sound using two large dials: 'music genre' and 'instrument category.' microKORG XL+ has an updated set of 'music genres' to fit today's evolving music scene. Now you can select a program that matches your song more intuitively than ever. For even more convenience, you can also leave one of the dials fixed and use the other dial to make program changes during a song (music genre fixed), or use the dial to select vocoder variations (instrument category fixed).

    Nostalgic 'new vintage' design
    microKORG XL+ projects a style that's reminiscent of vintage electric pianos, featuring a futuristic and simultaneously retro design with a stylish black panel and knobs. High-quality parts such as metal levers, dials that move with an audible click and knobs with a sturdy operating feel are some of the ways that microKORG XL+ outclasses other instruments in its range and enhances your experience editing synthesizer sounds.

    microKORG XL+'s sound engine uses MMT (multiple modeling technology), borrowing from Korg's wealth of analog modeling technology. The MMT sound engine has been featured on numerous products and provides two oscillators that generate huge powerful sounds. Oscillator 1 gives you a total of seven types of oscillator algorithms to choose from, including formant waveforms such as human voice and PCM/DWGS waveforms for vintage keyboard and strings. It also lets you use techniques that cannot be imitated on typical PCM synthesizers, such as cross modulation, unison and VPM (variable phase modulation). By taking advantage of modulation (sync or ring) with Oscillator 2, it's easy to create complex and powerful sounds.

    Vocoder function with included gooseneck microphone
    microKORG XL+ can function as a powerful vocoder that lets you connect a mic and use its audio input to shape the tonal character of the oscillator's sound to create 'talking' effects. The vocoder consists of a 16-band filter bank that can simulate the vocoder sounds of the past and also shift the filter frequencies or adjust the level and pan of each band to dramatically change the overall sonic character. Using the vocoder is an easy way to add sounds that can be found in today s popular electronic music. Since a gooseneck microphone is included, you can immediately start using the vocoder in your songs.

    Two master effects utilize the effect engine that was brought to perfection in Korg's Kaoss Pad series, giving you a total of 17 powerful effect types including delay and echo effects as well as dramatic effects such as ring modulator and grain shifter. In addition, effects such as delay can be synchronized to MIDI clock for a wide range of possibilities in live performance.

    Natural touch mini-keyboard
    microKORG XL+'s natural touch mini-keyboard offers an even better playing feel than ever before. The proportion of the keys has been adjusted to make chords easier to play and the touch has been refined for greater ease when playing rapid phrases. The waterfall-type keys project an aura of sophistication, and they also help when playing a glissando.

    microKORG XL+ can take advantage of the included AC adaptor or it can run on six AA alkaline batteries. Checking in at a mere 22 inches long and 4.4 lbs. in weight (not including batteries or mic), microKORG XL+ is a convenient size to take with you, opening up new performance possibilities on the go.

    Expanded sonic possibilities via USB
    By using a USB cable to connect microKORG XL+ to your computer and using the sound editor software, you can edit all of the parameters easily from your computer. In addition to this software, you can also download preset program data from microKORG and MS2000/MS2000B as well as special bonus programs that were made by Korg USA and Korg UK free of charge to gain access to an even larger number of programs.

    More Information
    Manufacturer Korg
    Condition New
    Mfg. Included Accessories Vocoder Gooseneck Microphone
    Power Supply
    Analog/Digital Digital
    Number of Keys 37
    Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
    Key Action Natural Touch Mini Synth
    Aftertouch No
    Speakers No
    Programs/Presets Program: 128
    Voices of Polyphony 8 voices (up to 4 when the vocoder is selected)
    Oscillators per Voice 2
    Multitimbral N/A
    Effects 17 effect algorithms
    Sequencer N/A
    Sampling N/A
    Internal Storage Capacity N/A
    Audio File Playback No
    Arpeggiator Yes
    MIDI In, Out, USB
    USB Port (to Host) MIDI, System Updates, Editor/Librarian/Patch Manager
    USB Flash Drive Port (to Device) N/A
    Audio Inputs 1/4" Line or XLR Mic
    Audio Outputs 1/4" Stereo Headphone (2) 1/4" Line - L/Mono, R
    Control Connections N/A
    Onboard Controllers Pitch Bend Wheel Modulation Wheel
    Expansion N/A
    Width 21.89"
    Depth 9.09"
    Height 2.87
    Product Weight 4.41 lbs
    Unique Features 16-band vocoder, adjustable level and pan for each band, Format Shift function, Formant Hold function MMT (Multi Modeling Technology) sound engine from RADIAS/R3 Dual effects processors from KAOSS line

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