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Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer STUDIO KIT



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    Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

    Korg Minilogue is a fully programmable four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer complete with presets, a 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer, arpeggiator and delay.

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    Korg Minilogue is a stylish, innovative, 37 slim-key fully programmable analog polyphonic synthesizer. Minilogue's analog synthesizer circuit delivers polyphony and full programmability at a great price – exactly what today's musician needs. With Minilogue you can get your hands on the powerful sound that's only possible with real analog and find inspiration with features including a polyphonic step and motion sequencer, onboard tape-style delay, multiple sound shaping and filter options and an oscilloscope display. All of these seamlessly integrated features make Minilogue as fun and easy to use as it is powerful. It's the next-generation analog synthesizer for musicians of all types.

    • Flexible, powerful four-voice analog synthesizer
    • Fully programmable with 200 program memories (100 sounds included)
    • Voice modes lets you flexibly configure the four voices
    • Automatable 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer
    • Oscilloscope function shows the waveform visually
    • Rugged and stylish with aluminum top panel, chassis-mounted pots, rubber-coated knobs and real wood back panel
    • MIDI, USB MIDI and audio sync for all types of in-studio and live connectivity, including direct sync with SQ1, Volca, Electribe and more

    True analog sound
    The synth circuits for Minilogue are from-the-ground-up designs that deliver a synthesizer experience like no other. Unprecedented in this class, it's a four-voice polyphonic true-analog synth with an interface that's designed for accessibility. Whether you're performing live or producing in the studio, Minilogue is the fastest way for the user to explore and implement real analog synthesis in any situation.

    The structure consists of two oscillators, filter, two envelope generators, amplifier and 1LFO. Minilogue's unique waveshaping capability lets you fine tune the oscillators' harmonics, creating the most divine sounds and compositions. Minilogue is also equipped with a variety of powerful types of modulation including cross modulation, oscillator sync and ring modulator, as well as a delay with a high pass filter. Powerful sound creation and rich variety are the true hallmarks of an analog synthesizer.

    Polyphony and presets – perfect!
    Minilogue goes beyond analog synths in its price range by adding 200 preset locations. Select a program for instant access to great sounds, ranging from thick basses to deep pads to brilliant polyphonic leads and atmospheric sounds. No need to have deep synthesis knowledge – just choose a sound and tweak, a workflow that is very familiar to musicians today. For those who want to dive deeper into the heart and soul of Minilogue's engine, Minilogue holds 200 programs with 100 editable factory programs included and 100 locations serving as blank canvases on which to create your next analog masterpiece. Each preset can also hold a step sequence and delay settings along with the sounds you create.

    Voice modes
    Selectable voice modes let you freely configure Minilogue's four voices for performance. The voices can be set to four-note polyphony for chords or layered for thick basses and leads. Other modes cover a range of sounds from octave-shifted bass explosions to delicately staggered layered triggering.

    • POLY mode: operates as a four-voice polyphonic synthesizer
    • DUO mode: operates as a unison two-voice polyphonic synthesizer
    • UNISON mode: operates as an all-unison mono synthesizer
    • MONO mode: operates as a mono synth with sub-oscillator
    • CHORD mode: produces chords
    • DELAY mode: voices 2-4 sound consecutively at a delay following voice 1
    • ARP mode: an arpeggiator that operates with up to four voices
    • SIDE CHAIN mode: when a note sounds, the volume of the preceding voice is lowered

    16-step sequencer
    Get creative with the intuitive 16-step sequencer with motion sequence recording capabilities and make your sound truly come to life. Minilogue provides real-time recording with overdubbing and step recording that lets you record simply by consecutively specifying notes, giving you a great way to create phrases and performances.

    Oscilloscope visualizes the sound
    Minilogue's OLED display will show the waveform as you sculpt your sound. Visual feedback is both educational and entertaining, and represents a first on a hardware synthesizer.

    Build quality
    The uniquely curved, sand-blasted 2mm aluminum front panel, metal shaft potentiometers, solid, chassis-mounted metal shaft potentiometers and rubber-coated knobs give the roadworthy Minilogue a standout look and feel to complement its powerful and dynamic sound creation capabilities.

    Sync with groove machine
    In addition to standard MIDI connectors, Minilogue provides a sync connector that can be easily connected to Korg's groove machines. Connect this to a Volca series unit, an Electribe or the SQ-1 and experience a session with synchronized sequencer playback.

    More Information
    Manufacturer Korg
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power supply
    Analog/Digital Analog
    Number of Keys 37
    Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
    Aftertouch No
    Programs/Presets 8 voice modes: mono, poly, unison, duo, unison, mono, chord, delay, ARP, side chain
    Voices of Polyphony 4
    Oscillators per Voice 2
    Effects Delay
    Sequencer 16-step polyphonic note and motion sequencer
    Internal Storage Capacity 100 editable factory presets and 100 init patches for 200 total user program storage locations
    Audio File Playback No
    Arpeggiator Yes
    MIDI In, Out
    USB Port (to Host) MIDI, System Updates
    Audio Inputs 1/4" external audio input
    1/8" sync in
    Audio Outputs 1/4" audio out
    1/4" headphone out
    1/8" sync out
    Onboard Controllers (29) knobs
    (14) switches
    (16) buttons
    Assignable slider
    Width 19.69"
    Depth 11.81"
    Height 3.35"
    Product Weight 6.17 lbs.
    Unique Features Built-in OLED display features a real-time oscilloscope, providing functional and eye-catching visual feedback on the sound being played

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