Korg Volca Nubass Vacuum Tube Synthesizer

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Korg Volca Series Analog Bass Synthesizer with Nutube Vacuum Tube Circuitry

Even today when digital technology allows electronic musical instruments to simulate any sound imaginable, people seek the warm harmonics and distortion provided by analog vacuum tubes. This distinctive sound has a quality beyond words that sets it apart and cannot be captured by a response curve; it's the unmistakable sound of tubes. Korg Volca Nubass is the first analog synth to be equipped with a Nutube new-generation vacuum tube in its oscillator. Vacuum tube plus analog means that the sound is warm, thick and rich. The familiar transistor ladder filter gives it the character of a classic bass machine, along with overdrive and huge-sounding distortion.


Nutube oscillator circuit
Volca Nubass is equipped with two vacuum tubes. One is used in the oscillator to generate a sawtooth wave or square wave, while the other is used in the drive circuit of the sub-oscillator, adding depth and warmth one octave below the oscillator. The oscillator and sub oscillator provide a circuit structure that brings out the harmonic character only a real vacuum tube could provide.

Transistor ladder low-pass filter
The low-pass filter defines the sound of this bass machine with a transistor ladder circuit design found on classic analog bass synths. This filter is uniquely dynamic in the way it affects a sound beyond just ranging from bright to dark, with a wide range of timbral possibilities that makes it ideal for dance music. You can use the filter to create the distinctive modulation that can be heard in acid house or to increase the resonance and bring out a sharp character that's appropriate for techno.

Analog drive circuit
Volca Nubass is equipped with overdrive that uses an analog circuit reminiscent of a classic stompbox. Turning the Drive knob toward the right compresses the volume while causing mild distortion, adding thickness to your bass sounds. The Tone knob lets you adjust the crispness of the high-frequency range.

16-step sequencer that lets you automate parameters
Volca Nubass is equipped with a full-fledged 16-step sequencer with a variety of functionality. You can use the 16 buttons for step input, just like the rest of the Volca series, or play the buttons as a keyboard for realtime recording. The chain function lets you play back multiple sequence patterns in succession, allowing you to loop up to 16 sequences. The motion sequence function can record knob movements, applying parameter changes over time to the sound. This can be used when creating loops or for live performances that are dynamic and original. Up to 16 sequence patterns together with motion sequences can be saved in internal memory. There's also an Active Step function that lets you skip steps that you specify during playback.

Three functions to create grooves
The sequencer in Volca Nubass provides three functions that add the slap and slide performance techniques distinctive to acid bass; these transpose, accent and slide functions are accessible and controllable through the step sequencer. Transpose is a function that plays a note one or two octaves higher, adding movement to a bassline while staying within its original scale. Accent emphasizes a note, creating dynamics that make the rhythm expressive. The Slide function that's indispensable to acid creates a smooth transition to the next note. Use these functions to add a sense of groove and Volca Nubass will come alive in your performances and compositions. Randomize settings can be applied to each of these three functions. In addition to generating unpredictable patterns, you can update the Randomize settings to keep varying the patterns, bringing out more unexpected and exciting ideas from the sequencer.

Connections to sync with Korg groove machines and other gear
Using Volca Nubass' sync in and out, you can connect it to another Volca series unit or to equipment such as an Electribe, any Korg 'Logue synth or an SQ-1 sequencer and enjoy synchronized playback. There's also a standard 5-pin MIDI in connector so you can use Volca Nubass as a sound module for your DAW.

Enjoy anywhere
Compact size, battery operation and a built-in speaker mean that you can take this unit anywhere and enjoy playing on the go.

Free bundle of music software
Volca Nubass comes with a diverse assortment of music production software including Izotope's Ozone Elements mastering plug-in, the Reason Lite digital audio workstation and software instruments from Korg and other developers. Also included is educational/lesson courseware from Skoove to help you improve your playing skills.

More Information
Manufacturer Korg
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Sync cable
AA batteries
Analog/Digital Analog
Number of Keys 16
Speakers Built-in mini speaker
Programs/Presets 16 sequence storage locations
Nos. 1-10 are factory preset
Oscillators per Voice 1 plus Sub
Effects Analog overdrive
Sequencer 16 steps
Motion sequencing
Per-step automation
Arpeggiator No
Audio Outputs 1/8" headphone/main output
Control Connections 1/8" sync input
1/8" sync output
Width 7.61"
Depth 4.54"
Height 1.57"
Product Weight 0.82 lb (excluding batteries)
Unique Features Nutube vacuum tube-based oscillator circuit

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