Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 Rotary Effects Pedal

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Neo Instruments Rotary Speaker Simulation Effects Stompbox Based on Fender Vibratone

Neo Instruments managed to squeeze its highly acclaimed Ventilator technology into a standard size stompbox enclosure, but reducing size doesn't mean cutting corners on sound quality: Micro Vent 16 features DSP just as powerful as its bigger brothers Ventilator II and Mini Vent II. They even added a new analog blend circuit to provide latency-free mixing in of the dry signal.

  • Vibratone emulation for guitar, bass and keys
  • Two selectable speeds: Speed1 continuous, Speed2 slow/stop/fast
  • Variable microphone-to-rotors distance
  • Analog blend circuit
  • Mono in / mono out
  • Extremely powerful SHARC DSP
  • Standard size stompbox enclosure
  • Silent footswitch with 5 operating modes for bypass and speed select
  • True bypass or buffered bypass
  • 9V DC standard negative polarity power supply
image of Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 with Fender Vibratone in background

Fender Vibratone emulation
Micro Vent 16 simulates the classic guitar Leslie with a 10 inch speaker into a single drum rotor, i.e., the vertically suspended magic of Fender Vibratone. The algorithm simulates capturing a Vibratone with one mic and the distance from the cabinet is variable via the DISTANCE pot. Micro Vent 16 is perfect for rhythm work and for giving lead tones the final touch.

detail image of Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 showing BYPASS switch

Switch modes
Micro Vent 16's BYPASS switch does more than you might think. Use it to switch the effect on and off or select between two speeds; various different modes determine whether switching is momentarily or latching. You can also use the BYPASS switch exclusively to select speeds, leaving the effect on all the time. This comes in handy when the unit is used together with switching loopers, inspiring highly creative performances.

detail image of Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 showing BYPASS switch
detail image of Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 showing speed controls

Two speeds
Micro Vent 16 has two adjustable speeds: Speed 1 is controlled with a pot and ranges continuously from slow to fast, providing intermediate speeds as well, while Speed 2 is selected via a 3-way switch featuring standard slow, fast and stop speeds. Special modes provide flexible switching, e.g., from slow to fast, fast to slow, slow to stop, stop to fast, etc. – the combinations are almost limitless. The RAMP parameter determines acceleration and deceleration between the two speeds. You will never get tired of listening to the rotors spooling up and down, recreating the sounds that made the originals so glorious.

detail image of SHARC DSP processor

Think big
Micro Vent 16's compact, super-sturdy housing hosts an insanely powerful SHARC DSP with the same processing power as the one found in Neo Instruments flagship Ventilator II pedal. For the analog circuitry only the best components were chosen to ensure a no-compromise sound that will satisfy you. Power requirements are 9V DC with standard negative polarity, so Micro Vent 16 integrates easily into larger pedalboards with a central PSU.

detail image of SHARC DSP processor
detail image of Neo Instruments Micro Vent 16 showing BLEND knob

Analog blend
Pros like Stevie Ray Vaughan, David Gilmour and many more got their distinct sound on recordings and on stage with a simple trick: they mixed the rotary speaker and guitar amp signals together. To achieve a similar effect with only one amp, Micro Vent 16 features an analog BLEND circuit and control, providing an uncolored and latency-free mixing in of the dry signal for that classic rotary sound we all know and love.

More Information
Manufacturer Neo Instruments
Condition New
Effects Emulation of Fender Vibraphone rotary speaker
Audio Inputs 1/4" mono input
Audio Outputs 1/4" mono output
Pedal Switches On/bypass
Power Adaptor 9V DC / 180mA negative to center pin, 2.1mm barrel (sold separately)
Width 2.56"
Depth 4.45"
Height 1.85"
Product Weight 0.52 lb
Unique Features Analog blend circuit to mix in dry signal

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