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Acoustic to Electronic Drum Conversion Kit. Including I/O Drum Module, 12" and 16" Tom Trigger Pads, 14" Snare Trigger Pad, Kick Trigger Pad, and Hi-Hat, Crash, and Ride Cymbal Trigger Pads

The NSPIRE Gig Full Pack is a complete kit with the I/O Module and Trigger Pads that install easily on top of your acoustic drums. With 12" and 16" Tom Trigger Pads, a 14" Snare Trigger Pad, a Kick Trigger Pad that fits virtually any sized bass drum, as well as hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal trigger pads, players can maintain the setup, feel, and spacing of their acoustic kit. With the Real Sized Trigger Pad's soft and quiet playing surfaces, and access to an endless pallet of uncompressed sounds, the NSPIRE Series is one of the most versatile electronic drum systems available today.

  • Features
    • Real Sized and Soft Playing Pad Surfaces allow players to maintain the setup and spacing of their acoustic kit while producing low ambient noise for quiet performance
    • Patented Pad Design Fits Directly On Acoustic Drums without needing to remove rims or heads, facilitating quick change-over between acoustic and electronic surfaces
    • 16-bit/44.1Khz On-Board Samples produce ADVANCED DRUM EMULATION (A.D.E.) by utlizing true WAV sample playback for superior acoustic drum sounds with a wide dynamic range
    • The included BFD Eco NFUZD Edition Software contains a massive library of 16-bit/44.1Khz samples with the ability to download and transfer sounds and presets to the Open Architecture module via the provided USB Drive

  • Specifications
    • Patented Spider-Web Shaped Trigger produces superior dynamic tracking and timbre from the center to the edge, enabling natural playing, and allowing the player to fully express themselves.
    • Dual And Triple-Zone Triggers enable reproduction of an authentic acoustic performance, including standard strokes, rim-shots, and cross-sticks on Snare/Tom Trigger Pads, Bell, Bow, Edge, and Choke sounds on Cymbal Trigger Pads
    • The included NSPIRE I/O Module features USB connectivity (with included cable), enabling an easy connection to BFD Eco NFUZD Edition VST software for access to an endless library of uncompressed sounds.
    • Includes BFD Eco NFUZD Edition VST software One NFUZD USB Drive is included for creating on-the-go sound banks using BFD Eco, eliminating the need to carry a computer on all gigs

What Is NFUZD Audio?
NFUZD Audio is a new approach to electronic drumming. NSPIRE, the first series for NFUZD Audio, it's the first system to fully integrate the VST (Virtual Studio Technology) drumming experience to produce true Advanced Drum Emulation in a simple and easy to use package. Four years ago, NFUZD began studying the users of electronic drums, and they discovered that electronic drummers were asking for better sound quality from their drums and for hardware and VST software systems that were easier to use. They also wanted the ability to add high quality VST style sounds to their electronic drum module. Based on studying over 20 years of electronic percussion, NFUZD found that most electronic drum sets included thousands of sounds that were never even used because drummers felt that they did not sound real. That's where NFUZD is different. Engineered by the foremost VST drum sampling producer in the industry, the NSPIRE system uses uncompressed WAV files to provide a superior audio performance.

What Is Advanced Drum Emulation (A.D.E.)?
The NSPIRE Advanced Drum Emulation (A.D.E.) system allows drummers to play real drum sizes, allowing a player to maintain their exact acoustic setup. The NSPIRE A.D.E. has the most realistic sounds possible for any electronic drumming product due to the use of uncompressed WAV files. The open architecture of NSPIRE and the easy installation of the pads make the NSPIRE A.D.E. system the easiest to use, best sounding system on the market today.

Uncompressed Sounds
The NSPIRE System utilizes 16-Bit/44.1 KHz CD quality onboard WAV samples, allowing for superior acoustic sounds with a wide dynamic range. Each sample was recorded with a variety of head combinations, and with the snare strainer on and off to truly capture the acoustic experience. Rather than use loop points and false fades to create the impression of sustain, the NSPIRE cymbal samples are full stereo WAV files with a natural decay, producing a truly realistic acoustic cymbal sound. Bass drum sounds in the NSPIRE Series I/O Module are true recreations of their acoustic counterparts. Bass drum samples possess a much wider frequency response throughout the length of each note compared to typical electronic drum kits. This results in a much fuller sound with more power.

Real Sizes
Players will no longer be forced to adapt their technique and style to conform to smaller targets and tighter setups. The NSPIRE System uses real sized trigger pads that fit on top of any acoustic drum kit, allowing the player to maintain their acoustic setup and spacing. There is zero change in the range of motion or disruption of muscle memory when players switch between their acoustic kit and the NFUZD set-up. Players will be able to close their eyes and know where the stick is going to land. Patented Spider-Web Shaped Trigger produces superior dynamic tracking and timbre from the center to the edge, allowing natural playing styles and a fully expressive sound. Additionally, each pad has a soft silicone real sized surface that is comfortable to play.

Easy Installation
The NSPIRE Series trigger pads install on your acoustic drums quickly and easily, allowing players to convert to electronic surfaces in minutes. Tom and Snare Trigger Pads fit snugly on the rims of the acoustic drums. There is no need to remove the rims or heads so your acoustic drums stay completely intact. The kick trigger pad mounts on the bass drum hoop just like any standard bass drum pedal and fits bass drum sizes of 18” and larger. The ride and crash trigger pads mount just like acoustic cymbals, utilizing the included cymbal spin stopper which allows the natural motion of a cymbal while preventing the pad from spinning.

Open Architecture
The NSPIRE Series I/O Module features open architecture, allowing the easy import of new samples and presets from BFD Eco NFUZD Edition. The NSPIRE I/O module can also be used as an Audio and MIDI I/O for other VST software. A drummer can now have access to a virtually limitless palette of uncompressed sounds. The I/O Module includes MIDI maps for the most popular VST drum programs. All MIDI assignments are separate from internal sounds. This allows for creating very flexible sound palettes when using additional hardware and software. And when using the included NSPIRE 8GB USB drive, you can take your favorite samples and presets with you and leave the laptop at home.

More Information
Manufacturer NFUZD Audio
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer I/O Drum Module with Mount and Power Supply
14" Snare Trigger Pad
12" Tom Trigger Pad
16" Tom Trigger Pad
Kick Trigger Pad
16" Ride Trigger Pad
14" Crash Trigger Pad
14" Hi-Hat Trigger Pad and Controller
USB Drive and Cable
Drum Trigger Type Complete Set
Size 12", 14", 16" Tom Pads
  • 14" Snare Pad
  • 14" Hi-Hat Cymbal Pads
  • 14"Crash Cymbal Pad
  • 16" Ride Cymbal Pad
  • Material Rubber
    Zones 3-Zone crash and ride cymbals
    Cymbal Choke Capability No
    Drum Rack Mount No
    Stand Mount No
    Unique Features Fits perfectly over your acoustic drum heads without the need of removing them
  • Spider-Web Shaped Triggers produce superior dynamic tracking and timbre from the center to the edge
  • NFUZD General Warranty Information

    NFUZD Audio Snare/Tom Trigger Pads, Cymbal Trigger Pads, I/O Module and select Accessories except as noted, purchased from an authorized NFUZD dealer, are warranted to the original retail purchaser against defective material and workmanship. Warranty coverage is not transferable and shall be valid by item and subject to terms and conditions indicated below. The original retail purchaser must include a copy of their original sales receipt or provide proof of sale by an authorized NFUZD Audio dealer to activate warranty service without charge.

    This warranty does not cover damage, deterioration, or malfunction resulting from accident, negligence, misuse, abuse, improper installation or operation or failure to follow instructions according to the Owner's Manual for this product. Damage incurred as a result of perspiration, corrosive atmosphere, or other external causes such as extremes in temperature and humidity, or as a result of power line surge or other electrical irregularities, lightning damage or other naturally occurring weather related incident is not covered by this warranty.

    NFUZD Audio I/O Module, Snare/Tom Kick Trigger Pads, Cymbal Trigger Pads are guaranteed against failure in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year. This 1 year period will be determined by the date of purchase by or for the original owner. NFUZD Audio Accessories including cables and power supply are guaranteed against failure in workmanship and materials for a period of 1 year. This 1 year period will be determined by the date of purchase by or for the original owner.

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