Yamaha P-121 Digital Piano- Demo with Gabriel Aldort

Yamaha's P-121 is a compact playing companion without sacrificing quality

Gabriel Aldort presents the Yamaha P-121 Digital Piano at Kraft Music. This instrument is essentially just a smaller version of the acclaimed Yamaha P-125. Instead of the tradition 88 keys, Yamaha took the feedback they’ve been receiving over the years and made this digital piano with 73 keys. The P-121 takes up less space while still providing all those great features found in the P-125. But don’t worry, the P-121 still has those vital hammer-weighted keys. Gabriel goes through the many features included in the piano and also goes through the impressive Smart Piano app. Use the free Smart Pianist app with your iPad to put the entire functionality of the P-121 into an easy-to-use, touchscreen display. Save settings for future performance, see the scores for included pieces, and convert music from your iTunes store into a chord chart to play along with your favorite songs! Why would you want a digital piano with only 73 keys? Dorm rooms, apartments, condos, bedrooms are all great examples where you want to maximize your space. The smaller footprint of the P-121 makes fitting into those tight spaces a breeze.

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