Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano - All Playing, No Talking

Hear the versatility and great tones of the P-125

Gabriel Aldort presents the Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano at Kraft Music. The successor to the incredibly popular P-115, the P-125 features a user-friendly design that makes this instrument accessible to most players. In this video, Gabriel plays some wonderful music on the P-125 so you can hear it in action. Check out the pure piano tones, the beautiful combination of piano and strings, electric piano with bass and drums, and more. You can see just how versatile this instrument is, watching Gabriel go through various genres and styles.

If you’d like to get a deeper look into the P-125, check out our demo video where Gabriel gives you a tour of the capabilities of the instrument, demonstrate the impressive dynamics and piano tones, and showcases the additional included voices. Use the free Smart Pianist app with your iPad to put the entire functionality of the P-125 into an easy-to-use, touchscreen display. Save settings for future performance, see the scores for included pieces, and convert music from your iTunes store into a chord chart to play along with your favorite songs! There’s a lot to love about the Yamaha P-125.

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