Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano - Full Demo with Gabriel Aldort

Updates and improvements keep the Yamaha P-125 a top seller

Gabriel Aldort presents the Yamaha P-125 Digital Piano at Kraft Music. The successor to the incredibly popular P-115, the P-125 features a user-friendly design that makes this instrument accessible to most players. In our video, Gabriel gives you a tour of the capabilities of the instrument, demonstrate the impressive dynamics and piano tones, and showcases the additional voices that are included in the P-125. Use the free Smart Pianist app with your iPad to put the entire functionality of the P-125 into an easy-to-use, touchscreen display. Save settings for future performance, see the scores for included pieces, and convert music from your iTunes store into a chord chart to play along with your favorite songs! There’s a lot to love about the Yamaha P-125. Check out the video for this thorough demonstration.

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