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    Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms Analog Replicator

    Cleaner, dirtier, brighter, darker and more versatile than any other analog BBD delay line effects unit available, the Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms Analog Replicator is the astounding result of over a year of ambitious design and engineering.

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    Set of five 12" black patch cords, 3.5mm / 1/8" mono for Eurorack modular synthesizers.

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    Cleaner, dirtier, brighter, darker and more versatile than any other analog BBD delay line effects unit available: Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms Analog Replicator is the astounding result of over a year of ambitious design and engineering.Â

    A new beginning
    Analog Replicator was redesigned from scratch to be the finest analog delay available with a sound and feature set focused around the modular synthesizer.

    Pittsburgh's original Analog Delay module grew out of the circuitry of a guitar pedal; the new Analog Replicator module does not share the same stompbox lineage. Michael Johnsen, Pittsburgh Modular's analog engineer, created a modern BBD core fed by a unique clock source and proprietary signal processing circuits. The result is a flexible, more musical eurorack delay module.

    How it works
    At the heart of Lifeforms Analog Replicator is a pair of 4,096-stage BBD chips. The acronym BBD stands for Bucket Brigade Device, a reference to a line of people passing buckets of water to quickly extinguish a fire. Each stage of a BBD chip contains a single capacitor, and pairing two chips together creates a chain of 8,192 capacitors. Like the water buckets, an audio signal is passed from capacitor to capacitor within the BBD chips once every clock step. A slower clock produces a longer delay and a faster clock produces a shorter delay.

    Multi-mode delay
    The controls of Lifeforms Analog Replicator can be used to produce a wide range of delay effects. The STAGES switch flips between 4,096 and 8,192 BBD stages; 4,096 uses a single BBD chip and 8,192 uses two. Using both BBD chips doubles the available delay time, perfect for echoes and longer delays, while using a single BBD is useful for reverb and chorus effects. The SHORT/LONG switch drastically adjusts the delay range; using a single BBD, the SHORT range varies between 10ms and 175ms and the long range varies between 10ms and 1,300ms. The SHORT mode produces bright, clean analog repeats; LONG mode is dark and grimy. 'Mud' and clock noise (whine) begin to leak in and eventually take over as Analog Replicator reaches the longest available delay time.

    Chorus and reverb
    The design of Analog Replicator allows it to mimic chorus and reverb effects. Setting the switches to 4,096 and SHORT, adjusting the TIME control to create shorter delays and adding a small to medium amount of FEEDBACK will generate an analog reverb effect. Add modulation using the TIME CV IN to take advantage of a range of chorus-like effects.

    • Delay ranges
      • 4,096 and SHORT selected: 10ms to 175ms
      • 8,192 and SHORT selected: 20ms to 350ms
      • 4,096 and LONG selected: 10ms to 1,300ms (1.3 seconds)
      • 8,192 and LONG selected: 20ms to 2,600ms (2.6 seconds)
    • Physical specifications
      • Size: 16hp
      • Module depth: 35mm
      • Power usage: 80mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V. Does not require +5V.
    More Information
    MPN PMS2043
    Manufacturer Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer  
    Module Type Delay
    Module Width 16hp
    Depth 35mm
    1U Module No
    Module Power Usage 80mA @ +12V
    50mA @ -12V
    +5V Required No
    Unique Features
    • Powered by two 4,096-stage BBD chips
    • Also capable of analog chorus and reverb effects

    Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Limited Warranty

    For a period of one year after the date of original purchase, the instrument and all factory installed parts and modules manufactured by Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers LLC. are warranted to function properly and be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

    Should a factory installed module fail during the warranty period, contact Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, LLC. Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers will repair it (or at its option, replace it) at no charge, and pay the cost of shipping it back to you.

    The case and all case related hardware are warranted to function properly and be free of defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year.

    Patch cables are not covered by the 1 Year Limited Warranty.

    This warranty is void if in the opinion of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers the instrument has been damaged by accident, mishandled, altered, improperly serviced, or repaired by the customer where such treatment has affected its performance or reliability. This includes but is not limited to damage related to incorrectly attaching power ribbon cables. In the event of such misuse/abuse by the customer, costs for repairs plus two-way shipping costs will be borne by the customer. Instruments found defective should be returned to the factory carefully packed, as the customer will be responsible for freight damage.

    Incidental or consequential damages or costs incurred as a result of product malfunction are not the responsibility of Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers LLC.

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