Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano Performance with Adam Berzowski

Performance ready, dynamic, and versatile

Kraft Music’s own Adam Berzowski presents the Casio PX-160 Digital Piano. This model replaced the PX-150 and is full of incredible value. In this video, Adam plays his funky and soulful music with a variety of sounds and at different dynamic levels.

If you’d like to get a deeper look into the PX-160, check out our demo where Adam goes through the ins and outs of the instrument. The PX-160 has a modern, sleek design and a speaker system that sounds full and rich. The piano tones are faithfully recreated to give you an authentic piano experience. Not only can you use headphones to practice any time, this model also has ¼” line outputs, perfect for performance and external amplification. This versatile piano is a great options for your home, school, church, or stage.

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