Roland System-500 572 Phase Shifter/Delay/LFO

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Roland System-500 Eurorack Phase Shifter, Delay and LFO Module

Roland 572 Phase Shifter, Delay and LFO is a time-based, multi-effects module. 572 includes a five-stage phase shifter, analog audio delay, a control voltage gate delay and an LFO. The phase shifter has panel controls for shift frequency and resonance amount that can vary from subtle to a deep, lush analog effect. Similarly, the audio delay has independent knob control of delay time and resonance (or feedback) for short, chorus-like modulation delays. Both the phase shifter and delay can be modulated by 572's internal LFO or external CV signals and feature wet/dry effects mix controllable via the front panel or with CV.

The LFO section has a knob for controlling frequency and features both normal and inverted output jacks. The gate delay has knobs to control threshold, delay time and gate time for modifying incoming gate signals from other modules.

  • Module controls
    • PHASE section
      • MOD knob: specifies how much the center frequency of the phase shift will change
      • SHIFT FREQ knob: specified the center frequency of the phase shift
      • RESONANCE knob: adjusts the amount of feedback that accentuates the phase shift effect
      • MIX knob: adjusts balance between source and phase shift effect
    • DELAY section
      • MOD knob: specifies the amount by which the delay changes
      • DELAY TIME knob: sets delay time
      • RESONANCE knob: adjusts the amount of feedback that accentuates the delay effect
      • MIX knob: adjusts balance between source and delay sound
    • LFO section
      • LFO knob: specifies frequency of LFO
    • GATE DELAY section
      • THRESH knob: specified voltage level that it output by the delay gate
      • DELAY TIME knob: specifies delay time of the gate
      • GATE TIME knob: specifies length of gate (release time)
  • Patch points
    • PHASE section
      • MOD EXT CV input: CV control over center frequency of phase shift
      • IN input: audio input to phase shifter
      • OUT output: audio output from phase shifter
      • MIX EXT CV input: adjusts balance between source and phase shift effect
    • DELAY section
      • MOD EXT CV input: CV control over delay time
      • IN input: audio input to delay
      • OUT output: audio output from delay
      • MIX EXT CV input: adjusts balance between source and delay sound
    • LFO section
      • Waveform outputs: triangle and reverse triangle wave LFO outputs
    • GATE DELAY section
      • IN input: gate signal input
      • OUT output: gate signal output
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 16hp
    • Module depth: 58mm
    • Power usage: 110mA @ +12V, 90mA @ -12V

Roland System-500 modular series
Based on the classic System-100M modular synthesizer, System-500 is a fully analog recreation of one of the most revered electronic instruments of all time. Newly designed in eurorack format, System-500 delivers the classic character and functionality of the original with the advantages of a modern instrument. Built in the USA and assembled in Japan, System-500 is made to exacting standards with top-quality components and solid controls. And it's surprisingly affordable, turning the fantasy of finally owning this legendary instrument into reality.

Classic system, new format
System-500 consists of eurorack format modules that you can mix and match in any combination to create the ultimate Roland modular synthesizer. Each module is completely analog and has been designed for maximum compatibility with the world of contemporary synthesizer and effects modules. System-500 is a compact, powerful System that opens up vast possibilities for sound design and musical exploration.

More Information
Manufacturer Roland
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer (4) installation screws
Power cable
Module Type Effect
Module Width 16hp
Depth 58mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 110mA @ +12V
90mA @ -12V
+5V Required No

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