Roland TD-50 Buyer's Guide

With exclusive options and bundle savings, your TD-50KV is at Kraft Music

TD-50 at Kraft Music

As one of the leading electronic drum dealers in the U.S., Kraft Music and our team of V-Drums experts are here to advise you every step of the way toward the purchase of your new TD-50 kit.

TD-50KV Configurations

Roland's standard TD-50KV configuration uses a traditional "one up, two down" five-piece setup, mirroring an acoustic kit with a single rack tom and two floor toms. Kraft Music also offers the TD-50KV in a variety of unique kit configurations. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose the standard five-piece set or a custom six-piece kit. , a custom six-piece kit, or a five- or six-piece TD-50KVX kit with a full-size kick drum.


TD-50KV 5-Piece

Roland's standard TD-50KV configuration, the five-piece kit provides a basic foundation with enough options to appeal to a wide range of drummers. The standard KD-140 kick tower keeps the footprint manageable when space is a concern.


TD-50KV 6-Piece

The TD-50KV six-piece configuration adds an extra rack tom for a total of four tom pads. The additional PD-108-BC mesh-head V-Pad matches the TD-50KV's stock tom pads, integrating seamlessly into the kit. Using the KD-140 kick tower, this six-piece configuration uses the same floor space as the five-piece!


TD-50KVX 5-Piece

This variation on the standard TD-50KV trades out the KD-140 kick tower for a KD-220 bass drum with a 22-inch wooden shell for a kit that shares the silhouette of an acoustic drum set up on stage – not to mention the solid feel of a real bass drum on the floor in front of you.


TD-50KVX 6-Piece

The Ultimate: a six-piece configuration with a full-size kick drum. This configuration offers all the versatility of a six-piece drum set with the solid feel and traditional appearance of the KD-220 bass drum's 22-inch acoustic shell.

Custom Shell Wraps

While the TD-50KV looks great in its standard Black Chrome finish, drummers love to customize. When you purchase your TD-50KV from Kraft Music, you have the option of selecting a set of custom shell wraps at no additional cost – even for the six-piece kits. Your choices include a number of simulated woodgrain finishes and a variety of bright sparkle colors, all of which offer a superb appearance and a signature look for your kit. Pick your favorite, and if you want we'll even install them for you!

TD-50KV Red Sparkle Shell Wrap Detail
TD-50KV Natural Wood Shell Wrap Detail
TD-50KV Silver Sparkle Shell Wrap Detail
TD-50KV Teal Wood Shell Wrap Detail

Bundles – We Make it Easy

Anywhere you look on you'll see bundles, and it's no different with the TD-50. Kraft Music bundles offer great deals on your drum set and all the hardware you need. While we build each bundle to appeal to a wide range of players, any bundle component can be customized or upgraded: single or double kick drum pedals, hi-hat stands, snare drum stands, thrones, headphones – even drumsticks! We carry drum hardware and accessories from manufacturers such as DW, Gibraltar, Pearl, TAMA, Vic Firth, Yamaha, and more.

Once you've decided on your preferred kit configuration and picked out your favorite shell wrap, the next step is choosing the bundle that works best for you.

TD-50KV Drum Essentials Bundle

Drum Essentials Bundle

In addition to the drum set itself, our TD-50KV Drum Essentials Bundle includes a selection of vital hardware and accessory items, plus some handy extras. There are a few pieces of hardware that Roland doesn't supply with the kit, so the Drum Essentials Bundle has you covered with a single bass drum pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, throne, headphones, drum set dust cover, stick holder, an SD card for backing up and transferring custom kit data, audio and USB cables, and sticks.

TD-50KV Complete Drum Bundle

Complete Drum Bundle

Our TD-50KV Complete Drum Bundle builds on the Drum Essentials Bundle, adding a pair of powered speakers and upgrading to a double bass drum pedal from a single. The Complete Drum Bundle's included powered speakers can be set up as a stereo amplification system for the kit or as dual stage monitors in a live setting, giving you flexibility for any performance situation. You'll also receive a hi-hat stand, snare stand, throne, headphones, dust cover, stick holder, SD card, audio and USB cables, and sticks.

Roland TD-50KV
Assembly Guide

This video offers a brief overview of the TD-50KV assembly process. A link to a more detailed, step-by-step assembly video will be sent along with your order confirmation.

Other Ways to Experience the TD-50

While the flagship TD-50KV is at the top of most wish lists, it's not the only way to experience its expressive capabilities and lifelike sounds. Listed below are a handful of options demonstrating the flexibility of Roland's TD-50 series.

Still searching for that perfect setup? Get in touch with one of our V-Drums-expert Sales Advisors to discuss your ideal configuration today!

TD-50 Nocturne Thumbnail
TD-50 Nocturne

A vintage-styled 6-piece kit featuring a custom matte black wrap with red oyster shell stripe, 22-inch bass drum, and Randall May MAATS AIRlift rack. The May rack provides easy pad positioning and acoustic drum set response from the toms.

TD-50KV-RM Thumbnail
TD-50KV-RM Limited

A limited edition, 6-piece TD-50KV kit with a custom wrap, 22-inch bass drum, and Randall May International MAATS AIRlift rack. The May rack provides easy pad positioning and acoustic drum set response from the toms.

TD-50KVX Thumbnail

The TD-50KVX trades out the TD-50KV's KD-140 kick tower for the KD-220 bass drum with a 22-inch wooden shell for acoustic feel and visual presence. Available in 5- or 6-piece configurations with the option of custom shell wraps.

TD-50K Thumbnail

The TD-50K offers much of the power of the TD-50KV in a more compact layout ideal for studio and home use. It includes the same digital snare and ride as the TD-50KV, while the rest of the pads are slightly smaller.