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    Studiologic Sledge 2.0 Black Edition

    The Studiologic Sledge synthesizer boasts the DSP heart of the latest Waldorf modelling technology, combined with an intuitive user interface. Get right into your music instead of reading manuals and learning menu structures.

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    Studiologic Sledge boasts the DSP heart of Waldorf's renowned modeling technology combined with an intuitive user interface. Get right into your music instead of reading manuals and learning menu structures!

    For many synthesizer enthusiasts, it's the particular interaction between the sound engine and the user interface that makes a great instrument, and a quick look at Sledge will reveal the generous set of controls available to interact directly with the sound engine. When you touch the knobs and switches on the front panel you will instantly be aware of the meticulous attention to detail the engineers have refined during many decades building the best electronic keyboards.

    The sum of three fat oscillators plus a noise generator are fed into Sledge's powerful multimode filter with selectable 24dB/12dB slope. The highly recognizable Waldorf filter algorithms enable a wide variety of sounds from smooth to harsh, from fat to distinct, from pure hi-fi to badass brutal. Ultra-fast and -accurate envelope generators deliver ballsy punch. Two LFOs plus one extra wheel-LFO are on board to offer huge yet easy-to-understand modulation capabilities. And two built-in effects units deliver sophisticated synthesizer effects such as chorus, phaser and flanger as well as a rich reverb or an analog-style delay.

    In addition to the incredible sound engine and the user friendly vintage control panel, Sledge 2.0's features further expand the instrument's power and versatility; working as a team, Studiologic and Waldorf Labs have made Sledge 2.0 more flexible as a pure synthesizer, adding options to play two programs at the same time in dual mode, to load samples and to mix post-processing effects in a neverending sound creation.

    Auto dual mode
    Sledge 2.0 can play two sounds at the same time in split or layer mode; the feature is controlled by a page in the global functions and allows you to simply keep one note (for split) or more notes (for layer) and then select a new sound that will be added to the previous sound. As with any other sound, dual-sound combinations can be permanently stored in any of the 1.000 available presets.

    Sample player
    Sound samples and new waves can be loaded into the internal 60MB of flash memory, played by OSC 1 and modified by all parameters of the control panel, adding other oscillators and setting filters, envelopes and effects. This feature expands the instrument's sounds and creates a totally new combination of synthesis and sampling.

    Pitch and hold controls
    A global settings page allows you to enable the pitch and the hold separately for the lower and upper sounds in dual mode, allowing you to use the pitch bend on the upper sound (i.e., for solo parts) and the hold pedal to control only the lower (to keep playing a drum groove or as a damper for a piano sound) and vice versa, or to enable pitch bend and hold on both upper and lower sounds.

    Reverb and delay
    Sledge 2.0 lets you mix both effects: the reverb keeps the setting previously selected, while the realtime controls (time and level) set the parameters of the delay when mixed.

    Enhanced polyphony
    The total maximum number of notes that can be played at the same time has been expanded to 24, allowing better realtime control over the sound possibilities obtainable from synthesis and sampling together.

    Sledge Spectre
    Samples can be edited (keyboard range, tuning and other parameters) and transmitted to Sledge 2.0 via its USB port with this easy sample editor that allows you to first load and play the samples on your computer and then download them into the instrument's memory.

    And the best part: if you are familiar with the operation of a classic analog synthesizer, you won't have to spend any of your precious time reading the manual. There are no double or multiple functions on any of the knobs or buttons. All synthesizer parameters are clearly and ergonomically arranged in front of your eyes and directly accessible under your fingertips. This makes sound design a blast, and takes you back to the pure user experience which you'll soon realize you've been missing.

    Black Edition: looks darker, feels better, sounds stronger
    The exclusive dark look includes a black case, a semi-weighted keyboard with reverse black and grey keys and an even more professional touch feeling. New modulation features and sounds, with a mix of pure synthesis and sampling, push Sledge further than ever before.

    New color, best touch
    The reverse-color keyboard perfectly matches the black look and thanks to semi-weighted keys and new balanced springs gives an unbeatable feeling for a more satisfying musical experience.

    Double power, bigger sound
    The audio output level has been enhanced for a stronger, cleaner and fatter sound. LFO2 is now synchronized, allowing you to keep the same modulation phase on all notes.

    Sounds from the world
    Top musicians have contributed a signature sound set, which together with the new settings further improves the warm and crisp sound that made Sledge appreciated worldwide.

    Sledge Spectre & Sledge Sound Mapper software
    Create and transfer sample content. Manage and reorganize the internal sound library of your Sledge. Load, save, copy, send, receive - everything you want to do with your sound library, you can do thanks to a user friendly interface.

    More Information
    Manufacturer Studiologic
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power Cable
    Analog/Digital Digital
    Number of Keys 61
    Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
    Key Action Semi-weighted with Aftertouch
    Aftertouch Yes
    Speakers None
    Programs/Presets 999
    Voices of Polyphony 24
    Oscillators per Voice 3
    Multitimbral 2 parts
    Effects Reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger
    Sampling Sample player with 60MB internal memory
    Samples loaded via free Spectre for Sledge Mac/PC utility software
    Audio File Playback No
    Arpeggiator Yes
    MIDI In, Out, USB
    Audio Inputs None
    Audio Outputs (2) 1/4" audio out (left/right)
    (1) 1/4" stereo headphones
    Control Connections Sustain pedal
    Expression pedal
    Onboard Controllers Pitch wheel
    Mod wheel
    Width 38.2"
    Depth 16"
    Height 4.5"
    Product Weight 20.5 lbs.
    Unique Features Spectre for Sledge Mac/PC utility software for sample editing/uploading
    66 wavetables from PPG Wave

    Studiologic Limited Warranty

    Every product from Studiologic by Fatar has been carefully manufactured, calibrated and tested, and is warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years from the date of purchase by the original owner.

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