Tiptop Audio MISO Mix, Invert, Scale, Offset Utility Module

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Tiptop Audio Two-Channel Utility Eurorack Module with Mix, Invert, Scale and Offset Functions
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Tiptop Audio MISO is a multipurpose utility module, a laboratory for synthesizing control voltage signals and audio. MISO combines multiple CV tools into one module for making complex CV shapes at the output stage. The name comes from the the four main functions available: mix, invert, scale and offset.

MISO's 2 sections (1/2 IN and A/B IN) are identical. Each section has two inputs that can be used to mix signals, invert polarity/shape, scale magnitude and offset voltage. Each function can be used independently or simultaneously with the total shape summed to the mix output.

At the center of the module is another processor, an accurate smooth linear voltage-controlled crossfader that mixes equally between the outputs of the top and the bottom MISO sections. Feed the MISOs with envelopes, LFOs, sequences to create new shapes and then crossfade them manually or with CV using the center section for even further complexity of shapes and animation of control signals. Crossfade between the waveforms of a VCO or audio samples with CV for more motion.

There are endless ways to patch MISO with unexpected and inspiring results. MISO is the kind of module that gives modular synthesizers their incredible 'replay value,' rewarding hours of creative explorations through experimental and non-traditional mixing.

MISO offers a lot in a small, comfortable module that matches Tiptop's system look with clean white faceplate styling. A red/yellow indicator light next to each section makes it easy to see signals and visualize polarity.

  • Module controls
    • -/+ knobs: scale/invert control
    • 'switch down'/'switch up' knobs: offset control
    • 1+2/A+B knob: crossfades between top MISO and bottom MISO
  • Patch points
    • 1 IN, 2 IN, A IN, B IN inputs: signal inputs
    • OUTS outputs: signal outputs
    • 1+2/A+B outputs: mix outputs for channels 1 and 2, A and B
    • CV input: voltage control over crossfader
    • 'sigma' output: crossfader output
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 10hp
    • Module depth: 42mm
    • Power usage: 55mA @ +12V, 55mA @ -12V
More Information
Manufacturer Tiptop Audio
Condition New
Module Type Misc/Other
Module Width 10hp
Depth 42mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 55mA @ +12V
55mA @ -12V
+5V Required No
Unique Features Two identical channels with crossfader to mix them

Tiptop Audio Limited Warranty

Tiptop Audio offers the most extensive product warranty on the analog synthesizer market.

The warranty fully covers any defects or malfunction of their modules for one full year.

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