Tiptop Audio QuantiZer Module


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Tiptop Audio Eurorack DSP Scale Quantizer Module

Tiptop Audio QuantiZer is a creative melody-composing eurorack module that uses cutting-edge analog electronics and DSP to tune analog VCOs precisely to Western musical scales. QuantiZer's front panel is packed with functions that make it very playable and intuitive to use, with a layout that moves forward from typical quantizer module designs.

At its center is a slider that can be set to play notes, add portamento to an incoming sequence, transpose a sequence within a single octave range or transpose a sequence within a 5 octave range.

The 12-note keyboard can be set to play notes manually, add and subtract notes from scales or transpose a sequence as well as adjust a variety of settings that define the quantizer behavior and sync with other modules.

Major and minor keys are both built in to let you switch scales in a very playable way, making it easy to explore musical progression. There are also 24 user scales ready to be filled up with your own custom scales.

A built-in sketch pad records and plays back keys entered manually on the keyboard and slider in sync either with external clock and reset signals or with Tiptop Audio's SyncBus, which chains the QuantiZer recording function to the Circadian Rhythms (sold separately) timeline for precise recording and playback.

Scale CV in can be set to switch between changing scales or transposing pitches using CV from sequencers.

Quantization can be set for 'free run' or 'trigger mode' for even more interesting ways to interact with external sequencers.

QuantiZer sets a new performance standard for eurorack that offers incredibly stable CV quantization, minimizing glitches on input, uses high-precision temperature-compensated 1V/octave CV generation on output and features stunning conversion latency of less than half a millisecond.

QuantiZer can be set to process a wide variety of CV voltage input ranges, +/-5V CV from LFOs, bi-polar envelopes and such, or 0-10V / 0-5V standard CV from sequencers.

Continuing the tradition of advanced Tiptop Audio digital modules, the QuantiZer firmware running its digital brain is upgradeable via a USB thumb drive interface at its back, allowing for continuous improvement and fine-tuning of function and stability over time.

  • Features
    • Precision ADC that accepts three ranges: 0-5V, 0-10V and +/-5V
    • Precision DAC with low offset and drift with a 0-5V output range
    • Free-running or triggered quantization
    • Clock and reset inputs
    • CV 'sketch pad' for recording notes using the front panel keyboard
    • SyncBus connector for easy interface with other Tiptop Audio devices
    • Scale input to change the scale via CV
    • Slider input for setting transpose, portamento and other values
    • Keyboard input to select notes for scale and other features
    • Keys for selecting major and minor scales
    • User-edited scales that can be saved to internal EEPROM
    • USB port for firmware updates
  • Module controls
    • Keyboard buttons: 12 switches corresponding to the western 12TET scale from C to B. There are 4 modes for the keyboard:
      • Keys mode to directly output a specified note to the 1V/Oct output. This can be used like a standard one-octave keyboard.
      • Scale Edit mode to select notes to include or exclude from the current scale.
      • Transpose mode to input the amount of transposition in single note increments. For example, pressing E will shift all output up 4 semitones (C becomes E, D becomes G♭, etc.).
      • Input Range mode controls the settings for voltage range, clock format, saving and more.
    • Slider: a 40mm slide potentiometer for inputting the following data:
      • Notes outputs a quantized pitch directly to the 1V/octave output. The entire 5-octave range is available via the slider.
      • Portamento sets the slew rate between notes. The slewed output is not quantized in between the input notes for smooth pitch bend effects.
      • Transpose inputs the amount of transpose from 0 to 12 semitones. The transpose amount is in semitones.
      • Octave shifts the output up from 0 to 4 octaves.
      • Input range selects the input range: 0-5V, 0-10V or +/-5V.
    • Scale selection buttons: press once to enable the scale type and then select the scale using the keyboard (for A minor press Minor button then the A button on the keyboard, etc). Available scales:
      • Major selects a scale corresponding to the western major scale.
      • Minor selects a relative minor scale.
      • S1 is the first bank of 12 user scales.
      • S2 is the second bank of 12 user scales.
    • Record buttons: record has three states:
      • Off, where the note CV is sent directly to 1V/Oct.
      • On, where the note CV is recorded using the keyboard and slider.
      • Play, where each clock plays recorded values from memory.
    • Reset button: sets the record or playback to the first position in memory.
    • Clear button: erases all of the recorded values in memory when held.
    • Force 0V button: disables all quantization and sends 0V to the 1V/octave output. This is used for calibration and tuning of 1V/octave devices.
  • Patch points
    • NOTE CV input: analog control voltage to be quantized.
    • SCALE CV input: CV control of the scale selection or transpose amount.
    • 1V/Oct OUT output: processed and quantized output.
    • CLOCK IN input: clock pulse input for 5V triggers.
    • RESET IN input: 5V input for reset of the internal counter.
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 10hp
    • Module depth: 43mm
    • Power usage: 60mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V. Does not require +5V.
More Information
Manufacturer Tiptop Audio
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer  
Module Type Misc/Other
Module Width 10hp
Depth 43mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 60mA @ +12V
5mA @ -12V
+5V Required No
Unique Features USB port on back for firmware upgrades

Tiptop Audio Limited Warranty

Tiptop Audio offers the most extensive product warranty on the analog synthesizer market.

The warranty fully covers any defects or malfunction of their modules for one full year.

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