Line 6 Variax Standard - Demo with Victor Moncebaiz

Fender presents six unique pedals to create your perfect sounds

Victor Moncebaiz presents the Line 6 Variax Standard Guitar at Kraft Music. More than meets the eye, the Variax houses 28 stringed instrument models to give you an arsenal of instruments at your fingertips. With the touch of a button, you can seamlessly glide through hollow body guitars, banjos, alternate tunings, and even create your own unique guitar. Victor takes you through the capabilities and range of the guitar by plugging directly into a tube amp, acoustic amp, and Firehawk FX floorboard. He also takes your through the free editing software that lets you dive deep into the sampled models, mixing and matching to create whatever your imagination can dream up. If you’re tired of lugging multiple guitars to your gigs, take a look and see if the Variax is right for you.

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