Vermona Dual Buffered Attenuator/Mixer


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Vermona 1U Tile Eurorack Dual-Channel Utility Module with Active Attenuator per Channel, Mixer Functionality and Inverted Outputs

Vermona Dual Buffered Attenuator/Mixer is a handy 1U eurorack utility module that offers two channels, each of which has an output that is attenuated by its level knob as well as a similarly attenuated inverted output.

The module can also act as a mixer for the two channels, with one A+B output providing a standard mixed output and an A-B output providing a mix of the A channel's standard attenuated output and the B channel's inverted attenuated output.

With nothing patched in either input, the module can generate its own +5V and -5V control voltages based on the level of its attenuator knob, with the +5V signal going through the standard output and the -5V signal going to the inverted output. With nothing patched to both inputs, you can use the A+B output to generate control voltages up to 10V.

Please note: In terms of size, this is not a typical 3U tall eurorack module. Rather, it is a 1U tall module designed to be installed into cases that offer 1U tall 'utility rows,' such as Vermona's Modular Case 104. This module is 1U high by 26hp wide.

More Information
MPN 805502
Manufacturer Vermona
Condition New
Module Type Mixer/Routing
Module Width 26hp
Depth 22mm
1U Module Yes
+5V Required No
Unique Features Fits cases that offer 1U tall utility rows

Vermona Limited Warranty

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The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged due to and/or subjected to improper handling by shipping companies (forwarders), negligence, accidents, improper use or alteration not authorized by the manufacturer.

This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied. The manufacturer will not be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, whether based upon allegations or negligence, breach of warranty, or otherwise. This disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages includes, but is not limited to, property damages, loss of profits, loss of time or other losses or inconvenient resulting from any defect in the material or workmanship of this product or any other connection with the purchase, operation or use of this product.

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