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Vermona fourMulator Quad Modulation Engine Eurorack Module


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Vermona Eurorack Quad Digital LFO Module

Vermona fourMulator is a digital quad-LFO module for eurorack compatible modular synthesizer and sound processing systems. Due to its ability to synchronize the modulators (LFOs) to each other or to an overall clock-reference, fourMulator is capable generating complex and rhythmic modulation structures.

Modulators (LFOs)
Each modulator offers six wave forms: ascending and descending saw tooth, square, triangle, sine and random (sample & hold) with a frequency range between 0.05Hz (20 seconds) to approximately 100Hz. Each modulator offers waveform and trigger outputs, the latter sending an impulse with every new start of the selected waveform. Reset and CV inputs allow external parameter manipulation from other modules or from other modulators of fourMulator itself.

All four modulators work independently but can be synchronized with each other. Each modulator can be individually synchronized to the left neighboring module or to a clock reference.

Two or more synchronized modulators always oscillate at the same frequency. However, a synchronized modulator can be phase-shifted by up to 180° (a half-cycle) to the clock reference. This allows easy creation of counter-rotating modulations. More complex modulations can be achieved using the CV input to manipulate phase shift.

With active clock synchronization, the corresponding modulators oscillate in reference to a common clock signal but use individual clock-dividing factors. Again, advanced possibilities result from being able to manipulate clock division through the module's CV inputs.

Both forms of synchronization can be combined. With one modulator being synchronized to a clock signal, it may as well serve as reference to the right neighboring modulator.

CLOCK Generator (CLK)
fourMulator integrates an internal clock generator. Its tempo can be assigned using a tap-tempo-button or by using an external clock-reference.

  • Features
    • Four Modulators (LFOs)
    • LFOs can be synced to clock or to each other
    • Six waveforms: saw up, saw down, square, triangle, sine, random (sample & hold)
    • Frequency range from 0.05Hz to approximately 100Hz
    • Speed control acts as clock divider when synced to external clock
    • Each LFO has waveform and trigger outputs
    • Each LFO has reset and CV inputs
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 34hp
    • Module depth: 20mm
    • Power usage: 120mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V
More Information
MPN 805002
Manufacturer Vermona
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer System Bus Connector Cable
(4) Rack Screws
(4) Flat Washers
(4) Patch Cords
Module Type LFO
Module Width 34hp
Depth 20mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 120 mA @ +12V
20 mA @ -12V
+5V Required No

Vermona Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants this product to be free of defects in material and/or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.

The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged due to and/or subjected to improper handling by shipping companies (forwarders), negligence, accidents, improper use or alteration not authorized by the manufacturer.

This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied. The manufacturer will not be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, whether based upon allegations or negligence, breach of warranty, or otherwise. This disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages includes, but is not limited to, property damages, loss of profits, loss of time or other losses or inconvenient resulting from any defect in the material or workmanship of this product or any other connection with the purchase, operation or use of this product.

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