Waldorf cmp1 Analog Compressor Eurorack Module


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Waldorf Eurorack Compressor Module

Waldorf cmp1 is a true high-end analog compressor that not only adds punch to your signal but can also be modulated in intriguing and unconventional ways. Side-chaining with an adjustable balance control will open a huge set of modular possibilities. cmp1 has all the features you'd expect from a modern compressor, including attack and release control, automatic and manual modes, hard and soft knee as well as output gain and bleed amount of the original signal.

  • Features
    • True analog high-end compressor
    • Flexible side-chaining
    • Control path based on controllable balance of side and main signal
    • RMS and peak modes
    • Threshold and compression controllable from panel with additional CV inputs
    • Attack and release in manual or automatic mode
    • Hard and soft-knee compression
    • Bleed control for mixing original signal with compressed output
    • Overall gain control
    • Input level control
    • Separate output of detector signal for use as envelope follower
    • Additional level control input for optional use as exponential VCA
  • Physical specifications
    • Size: 20hp
    • Module depth: 25mm
    • Power usage: 110mA @ +12V, 110mA @ -12V
More Information
Manufacturer Waldorf
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer  
Module Type Effect
Module Width 20hp
Depth 25mm
1U Module No
Module Power Usage 100mA @ +12V
100mA @ -12V
+5V Required No

Waldorf Limited Warranty

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You must first contact your dealer or distributor by telephone. Products that were mailed without prior agreement cannot be exchanged or repaired free of charge. The unit must be insured and sent prepared in its original package. Please include a detailed description of the defect. Products that were not send prepared or in the original package will be returned unopened. Waldorf Music reserves the right to upgrade the unit with the latest technological advances if necessary.

This warranty does not cover defects due to abuse, operation under other than specified conditions, or repair by unauthorized persons. The warranty covers only those malfunctions caused by material or workmanship defects that occur during normal operation.

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