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    Waldorf Quantum Digital/Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

    Quantum combines the raw power of classic digital/analog hybrid synthesizers with futuristic sounds that are only possible with today’s intensely programmable softsynths, together in a sleek and accessible user interface designed with the modern synthesist in mind. With a huge, attractive screen, inviting control panel and top-notch keybed, Quantum is an instant legend in all possible ways.

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    Hosa HSS-010X2 Dual REAN 1/4" TRS Cable - 10' - qty 3

    This professional-grade dual balanced 1/4" cable is designed to connect your instrument to any unit with right and left channels. Great for keyboards, mixing consoles, PA systems, or other sound reinforcement or recording applications.

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    Hosa MID-203 Dual MIDI Cable - 3m

    This convenient dual cable carries both MIDI in and out signals.

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    Hosa USB-210AB High Speed USB Cable Type A to Type B - 10' - qty 2

    This cable is designed to interconnect devices with USB interfaces. It is ideal for connecting an audio interface, USB microphone, USB capable electronic instrument, or many computer peripherals to a Mac or PC.

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    Kraft Music SDHC Memory Card Class 10 - 32GB

    This high-capacity memory card is great for recording and pro audio applications.

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    With special nods to legendary Waldorf synths of the past plus a highly engineered interface and a whole host of features never before seen on hardware synths, Waldorf Quantum represents the culmination of decades of development and is truly the flagship synth of the future.

    Quantum combines the raw power of classic digital/analog hybrid synthesizers with futuristic sounds that are only possible with today's intensely programmable softsynths together in a sleek and accessible user interface designed with the modern synthesist in mind. With a huge, attractive screen, inviting control panel and top-notch keybed, Quantum is an instant legend in all possible ways.

    • 8-voice digital/analog polyphonic synthesizer
    • Dual timbral: split or layered mode with separate stereo audio outputs
    • 3 stereo digital oscillators per voice, each capable of five synthesis algorithms
    • 61-key high-quality Fatar TP8S keyboard with channel aftertouch
    • Wavetable: Waldorf style with latest additions from Nave including speech synthesis, wavetable generation from audio and new features
    • Waveform: waveform with up to 8 simultaneous waves per oscillator in detuned or chordal mode with hard-sync, warp & PWM as well as tunable noise
    • Particle: sampler in traditional and granular mode using multi-samples or live input
    • Resonator: exciter using multi-sampling plus filter bank sound model
    • Kernel: modular-style synthesis lets you combine up to six audio kernels into a single oscillator
    • Two analog lowpass filters per voice each in 24dB or 12dB configuration using innovative link modes
    • Digital former: additional digital algorithms per voice like comb, high pass, band pass and notch filters (Nave, Largo or PPG models), bit crusher, drive and more
    • Flexible routing system for order of analog filters, digital former and individual oscillator routings
    • Extensive modulation options including 6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive parameter set and Komplex multistage LFO/envelope modulator
    • Extensive modulation matrix with 40 slots and easy control assignments
    • 'Module-based' preset system for effects, oscillators and Komplex modulator
    • Visualization and deeper sound editing via context-sensitive high-resolution capacitive multi-touch display
    • Spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope at various processing stages
    • 4GB of internal flash memory for presets, sample and wavetables, preloaded with ±2GB of sample data
    • Export and import of presets, samples and wavetables via SD card or USB

    Digital/analog hybrid architecture
    Waldorf's famed wavetable oscillator technology forms the basis for the Quantum, descended from legendary synthesizers like Waldorf Wave. Quantum goes beyond what was previously possible, however, with more oscillators, more algorithms and more ways to modulate them. Combine that with Waldorf's incredible analog filters and a hybrid synth like no other is born.

    61-key Fatar TP8S keybed
    With Quantum, only the best components would suffice; that's why the keybed of choice is the Fatar TP8S synth-weighted keybed. Fatar is known by keyboardists the world over for producing some of the highest quality, nicest feeling and most durable keybeds on any synthesizer; the TP8S keybed on the Quantum is no exception.

    8 voices, plus multitimbrality
    Quantum's eight voices, each with three oscillators and two filters, adds up to a whopping 24 voices and 16 analog filters. Those voices can also be split or layered multitimbrally for even more sound versatility. Quantum has a second pair of audio outputs specifically for use in multitimbral mode. And with Quantum's wealth of algorithmic oscillator power under the hood, that means sonic possibilities like no synthesizer ever before.

    3 stereo digital oscillators per voice, each capable of 5 synthesis algorithms

    • Wavetable: 'Waldorf style' with the latest additions from Waldorf's Nave virtual instrument including speech synthesis, wavetable generation from audio and other new features
    • Waveform: Waveform offers up to 8 simultaneous waves per oscillator in detuned or chordal mode with hard sync, warp and pulse width modulation
    • Particle: granular sampler with multi-sampling and traditional sampling mode
    • Resonator: exciter plus filter bank sound model
    • Kernel: added in Quantum OS 2.0, this is a modular approach to synthesis in which up to six audio kernels can be freely combined into a single oscillator.

    Wavetable creation from audio and sample-based synthesis
    No Waldorf synth would be complete without the Wavetable oscillator technology for which Waldorf is known the world over. Quantum follows that iconic heritage with not only classic wavetables, but also the ability to generate custom wavetables using audio that can either be routed into Quantum's audio input or loaded from internal or removable sample memory.

    Two analog low pass filters per voice
    Waldorf's filters are second to none. With both a standalone analog filter in the form of the 2-Pole desktop module and a uniquely powerful eurorack filter module, Quantum's two analog resonant low pass filters per voice come from a highly respected progeny, adding up to a whopping 16 total filters that afford users sonic possibilities completely unheard of when combined with Quantum's massive modulation routing section, wealth of LFOs and envelopes.

    Visualization and deeper sound editing via multi-touch display
    Quantum's onscreen spectrum analyzer allows users to precisely visualize their sound and an onscreen oscilloscope is available at various processing stages.

    Superior key controls, arpeggiator and step sequencer
    Quantum provides users with tools to best utilize and expand upon the playability of its keybed, such as an arpeggiator, an onscreen step sequencer as well as a chord play mode with hold and latch.

    6 LFOs and 6 loopable envelopes with multistage LFO / envelope modulator

    • 6 LFOs in poly and global mode with extensive parameter set
    • 6 loopable envelopes
    • Komplex: multistage LFO / envelope modulator

    5 master effects with separate sections for each timbre
    When in multitimbral split or layer mode, both timbres can have separate effects chains applied to them so that Quantum can provide the maximum breadth of sound design options.

    Internal memory plus SD card slot for firmware updates and sample storage/transfer
    Quantum not only comes with four gigabytes of internal flash memory, it also has an SD card slot that can be used to load and save user wavetables and samples.

    Extensive suite of inputs/outputs including USB host/device and multiple stereo outs
    With multiple stereo outputs for multiple timbres as well as headphones and a stereo audio input for recording/creating user wavetables, Quantum offers every possible I/O that users could possibly need to utilize all of its powerful features. Quantum also contains both USB host and device ports so that it can host external USB MIDI devices and communicate MIDI over USB to a Mac or PC.

    More Information
    Manufacturer Waldorf
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power cable
    Analog/Digital Hybrid
    Number of Keys 61
    Weighted Keys No
    Key Action Fatar TP8S synth-weighted keybed
    Programs/Presets Capacity for up to 10,000 sound patches
    Voices of Polyphony 8
    Oscillators per Voice 3
    Multitimbral 2-part split or layer
    Effects Master effects with separate sections for each timbre
    Sequencer Yes
    Sampling Sample input for wavetable creation
    Internal Storage Capacity 4GB
    Audio File Playback No
    MIDI In, Out, Thru, USB
    USB Port (to Host) MIDI, System Updates, File Transfer
    USB Flash Drive Port (to Device) MIDI Recording
    Audio Inputs Dual 1/4" stereo input for recording/creating user wavetables
    Audio Outputs (2) Dual 1/4" stereo outputs, one for each timbre
    Control Connections 1/4" sustain pedal input
    1/4" control pedal input
    Onboard Controllers Pitch/mod wheels
    Expansion SD card slot for sample transfer/store and firmware updates
    Width 39.61"
    Depth 15.78"
    Height 5.16"
    Product Weight 39.24 lb

    Waldorf Limited Warranty

    This warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase.

    During this time, Waldorf Music will repair or replace the product without charge for materials or labor, provided the product was first inspected and found faulty by Waldorf Music or an authorized service center.

    You must first contact your dealer or distributor by telephone. Products that were mailed without prior agreement cannot be exchanged or repaired free of charge. The unit must be insured and sent prepared in its original package. Please include a detailed description of the defect. Products that were not send prepared or in the original package will be returned unopened. Waldorf Music reserves the right to upgrade the unit with the latest technological advances if necessary.

    This warranty does not cover defects due to abuse, operation under other than specified conditions, or repair by unauthorized persons. The warranty covers only those malfunctions caused by material or workmanship defects that occur during normal operation.

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