Yamaha Clavinova Buyer's Guide

Explore the highlights, common features, and unique advantages of Yamaha Clavinova digital pianos at Kraft Music

For over 100 years, Yamaha has been designing and manufacturing acoustic grand pianos. Their dedication to the craft has given them unmatched expertise in translating the intricacies, sound, and feel of acoustic pianos into one of the most popular instruments in the world today. The Yamaha Clavinova line represents a heritage of building instruments for world-class players, recording studios, and classrooms. Bridging the old and the new, Clavinova utilizes cutting edge technology to give every player, from beginner to professional, the best experience possible.

Widely regarded as two of the leading pianos in the world, the powerful sounds of the 9-foot Yamaha CFX grand piano and the ever-popular and warm tones of the Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano are included in each Clavinova digital piano. Available at the touch of a button, you can select the perfect piano sound for you.

Partner the latest technological developments in touch and feel with the meticulously replicated sounds of these beautiful instruments for the pinnacle of digital piano performance. All models contain weighted keys and graded hammer action with the best in synthetic ivory keytops that will make you feel like you’re playing an acoustic grand piano. Each Clavinova has the speaker size and sound to fill any room in your home with music. Alternatively, you can practice at any time without disturbing anyone. Put on headphones and experience the sound of your Clavinova with the startling detail of CFX binaural sampling. In addition, a variety of other features come standard on each model including a multitrack audio recorder, additional instrument sounds (strings, electric piano, organ, etc), and more. All of these magnificent features are protected in an elegant wooden cabinet with several colors and finishes available.

Starting as Kraft Keyboards in 1984, Kraft Music has a long tradition of providing digital pianos to music makers across the country. Our staff is uniquely qualified to guide you on your musical journey by helping select the right instrument for you, giving you a detailed look at the delivery process and assembly, and being your personal resource for years to come. As a long-standing authorized Yamaha dealer, each Clavinova we sell also comes with a 5 year in-home warranty. We’re incredibly proud to carry Clavinova digital pianos and would love to serve you. Order online or contact one of our Sales Advisors today at 800-783-3368 or [email protected].

CLP Series CSP Series CVP Series
  • Incredibly realistic sounds and powerful speakers
  • Traditional and elegant cabinet styles and colors to fit any room
  • Perfect substitute for an acoustic piano in a home, condo, classroom, or place of worship
  • Several keyboard options to fit your budget and needs
  • Straight-forward features and menus
  • Tablet based, app-driven smart piano for quick navigation and plenty of features
  • Over 700 voices and expertly sampled sounds from world class pianos
  • Stream Lights help you learn your favorite songs, showing which notes to play
  • Revolutionary combination of technology and performance
  • Explore your creativity with intuitive accompaniments
  • Top of the line sounds, speakers, and authentic feel
  • LCD touch screen and onboard controls for easy navigation
  • Karaoke, vocal functions, and detailed preset style accompaniments
  • Clavinova's largest collection of realistic voices and drum kits
  • Follow Lights let you lead the way while showing the right notes

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Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos

The Yamaha Clavinova Experience at Kraft Music

Vibrant Professional Photography

Because of our dedication to an incredible online digital piano-buying experience, we've taken the time to individually photograph a large number of the Clavinova models and finishes that we stock. Browse product image galleries for custom photography of these elegant instruments, showcasing unique angles, lighting, and detailed closeup views you won't find in Yamaha's literature or elsewhere online.

Informative and Enjoyable Videos

Learn about the features, design, and capabilities of Clavinova digital pianos with our video owner's manuals or get a feel for their sound and dynamics while enjoying a variety of compositions and styles with our "all playing, no talking" performance videos.

Side-by-Side Sound Comparison

Our custom audio samples, recorded by playing back the same MIDI file through each digital piano, give you the opportunity to directly compare the Clavinova's exquisite Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano voices to each other and many of the other digital pianos in our catalog.

Your Personal Advisor

Kraft Music Sales Advisors do so much more than simply take orders. Each member of the team is a trained expert, with the know-how to steer you through the decision-making process. This friendly, reassuring service also extends to recommending the right bundle of accessories – headphones, piano lamps, books, software, and more – to make sure you get the most out of your Yamaha Clavinova experience.

On top of that, free product support is standard with all Clavinova purchases. You'll have access to your own personal Sales Advisor, ready to ensure that you understand the features and setup of your new digital piano. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your advisor. You can also call the team at 800-783-3368, or email us at [email protected].

Delivered to Your Room of Choice

Most Clavinova piano orders include a free upgrade to "room of choice" freight delivery when shipped to an address within the 48 contiguous states. Our shipper, who specializes in the residential delivery of large, oversized items, will deliver your piano to any room in your home, including carrying it up (or down) as many as two flights of stairs. A digital piano in its shipping box is bulky and heavy, and room of choice delivery eliminates any worries you might have about getting it where you need it to be.

Guiding You Through Assembly

Although assembly of your new piano is not a part of the delivery service, we've created detailed assembly videos for CLP and CSP Clavinovas to make it easy, along with abridged overview versions to give you an idea of what's involved before your piano is on the way. Your Sales Advisor will forward the in-depth, step-by-step video when you place your order and will also be happy to talk you through the process if you have any questions.

Our comprehensive assembly videos offer a look at each aspect of the assembly procedure. These videos cover everything you'll need to know: unpacking individual parts from the shipping box, putting together the stand and pedalboard unit, where to plug in the pedal connector and power cord, and even how to assemble the bench. Each step is shown with helpful narration explaining what you're seeing, as well as offering some tips we've picked up over the years (between our showroom and video studio, we've assembled a lot of digital pianos!).