1. Fender Announces the Addition of the Player Plus Series

    Fender Player Plus group

    Building off the success of the Player Series, Fender is proud to announce an exciting new lineup with the addition of the Player Plus Series. Kraft Music is excited to welcome these models to our roster, featuring never-before-seen eye-popping finishes and legendary Fender quality. The new Fender Player Plus models shift seamlessly between stage, studio, and home, packed with modern features at a player's price point.

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  2. Kraft Music Welcomes PRS Guitars

    A PRS guitar and Amplifier

    For over 35 years, Paul Reed Smith has been making guitars that are cherished for their beauty, playability, and amazing tone. You may have noticed a consistently growing selection of Paul Reed Smith guitars at Kraft Music. With the release of the 2021 PRS line, we now have over 30 models available to order, and we are just getting started. I recently had a virtual sit down with Kraft Music Guitar Merchandising Specialist Matt Kashuda, to talk about acquiring PRS as a brand for Kraft Music.

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  3. Winter Guitar Care

    Acoustic Guitar in a case

    With winter right around the corner, the cold weather is here and it's time to give some extra love and attention to your acoustic stringed instruments. Ensuring proper humidity levels is key for keeping your guitar in tip-top shape, even through the harsh, cold winter! Not only does proper humidification help to keep the playability and setup optimal, but it will also help prevent any issues that can arise from low humidity, such as cracks in the body and top, bridge lifting, or complete bridge separation. These issues can be unsightly, devalue your instrument, and often are not covered under warranty, which can lead to expensive repairs. Plus let's consider the mental anguish of your beloved guitar taking on easily avoidable damage. Luckily, its very easy to help prevent these issues with the following tips:

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  4. Fender Introduces the American Professional II Series

    Blue american pro II telecaster

    In 2016 Fender moved on from their venerable "American Standard" series and introduced the American Professional series. These new guitars featured Tim Shaw-designed pickups, as well as treble bleed circuits, giving them a balanced tone that allowed for chime without shrill overtones and power without sacrificing what made each model decidedly Fender. While there are some modern players who seek out guitars with maximum output, any true Fender fan will tell you that articulation, dynamics, and voicing are equally important factors when finding your tone or recreating the sound of your favorite guitar gods. It seems Fender has kept this in mind with the launch of their new American Professional II series.

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  5. Kraft Music's Partnership with Guitars for Vets

    Ben Kraft and Patrick Nettesheim

    During the hectic sales season that began on Thanksgiving and will carry on through the month of December, Giving Tuesday is a day where we can all reflect on how we can give back. Thanks to your patronage at Kraft Music, we have been able to support Guitars For Vets and give that organization the boost they need to assist veterans by giving the healing power of music. On Giving Tuesday, consider helping a veteran who is struggling with PTSD.

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  6. A Beginner's Guide to Wireless Guitar Systems

    Guitar and wireless system

    An overview of important features for guitarists and bassists to consider when choosing a new wireless system.

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  7. Winter NAMM 2019 Show Highlights

    Winter NAMM 2019 Show Highlights

    From January 24th to January 27th, music retailers and manufacturers from around the world gathered in sunny Anaheim, California for one of our industry’s most popular events, the Winter NAMM Show. Winter NAMM 2019 was full of improved and limited edition pieces, exciting new products, pre-show launches, and some large surprises. There’s a lot of information out there to digest, so we’ve put together a little highlight reel of some of our favorites from this eventful show.

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  8. Kraft Music Staff Favorites


    Kraft Music is staffed almost entirely by active musicians. And of course, musicians love to get their hands on new gear. Working for a music instrument retailer, we’re fortunate to see a lot of products first hand. We truly back the brands that we choose to sell, and most of it seems to get added to our collections or wishlists. This year, we thought we’d share some of our personal favorites with you. Get an inside look at some products the Kraft Music staff love and see if they might be right for you or someone on your list. Here’s a list of Kraft Music Staff Favorites:

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  9. Gifts for Guitarists

    Line 6 sonic port

    It’s that time of year again! We’ve assembled a number of buying and gift guides to help make your holiday shopping a little bit easier. Shopping for musicians can be tricky. That’s why we’ve got the perfect list of gifts for guitarists. From creative to practical, here’s a variety of gift options for you to consider:

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  10. Guitar Buying Guide

    Acoustic guitar

    Buying a guitar for the first time? Choosing an instrument can be intimidating, exhilarating, frightening, and wonderful all at the same time. With so many options available, it can leave you overwhelmed and content to just play the radio. You’re not alone! We’ve all been there and are here to help you navigate your way through this crazy maze and find your way to the guitar that works best for you. First, let’s go through a few basics so you can better understand the available options when browsing. Then, we’ll present some recommended models for you to consider.

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