Arturia MicroFreak Experimental Hybrid Synth


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Arturia Hybrid Synthesizer with Mutable Instruments Plaits Digital Oscillator, Analog Filter, Sequencer and Poly-Aftertouch Flat Keyboard

A digital synth like no other, Arturia MicroFreak is a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician. It blends wavetable and digital oscillators with analog filters. It features a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard. It adds controlled randomness to sequences. This isn't a revolution, it's a mutiny.

  • Wavetable and digital oscillators
  • Collaboration with Mutable Instruments
  • Huge variety of sound possibilities
  • Analog filters
  • Arpeggiator and sequencer
  • Poly-aftertouch flat keyboard
  • Crystal-clear OLED screen
  • 5×7 modulation matrix
  • Paraphonic mode
  • Use MicroFreak as a controller to experience polyphonic aftertouch

Un Grain de Folie / a touch of madness
This out-there little music machine features a versatile digital oscillator so you can create rare and interesting sounds with ease. Modes like Texturer, KarplusStrong, Harmonic OSC, and Superwave give adventurous musicians the chance to explore totally new, unheard possibilities. Like having dozens of synths in just one instrument, both wild-eyed newcomers and seasoned professionals will fall in love with MicroFreak's flexible, powerful synth engine.

We're in this together
While it can be fun to play by yourself, things get more exciting when there's two. Arturia loves to collaborate, and MicroFreak is the first collaboration between Arturia and acclaimed modular synth pioneers Mutable Instruments. Among the multiple modes of MicroFreak's synth engine you'll be able to select the much-loved Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillator and with added paraphony. Now you can enjoy the same otherworldly sounds, the same modes and the same parameter controls as the iconic Plaits eurorack module, but from a self-contained, performance-ready hardware synth.

The best of both worlds
Inspired by the trailblazing 12dB Oberheim SEM filter, you can make MicroFreak's filter scream or whisper to taste. The filter is state-variable and can even self-oscillate. You can use this is any way you like, from taking the edge off the razor-sharp wavetable sounds to automating the cutoff by modulating it with keyboard pressure or the built-in sequencer.

Taste the spice, throw the dice
Wait, did we mention that MicroFreak has a sequencer? And a mod matrix? Things are about to get seriously interesting! Record up to four automations, edit notes per step or use the innovative Spice and Dice sequencer functions to find happy accidents. Add randomization to create evolving, original patterns and virtually rewire and reconfigure its signal chain and controls with the 5×7 modulation matrix.

'That's a funny looking keyboard'
That's right, it is. It isn't really even a keyboard; it's a PCB, super-flat, with no moving parts. Will it track lightning-fast synth solos? You bet – better than a traditional keyboard, actually. Will it let you be expressive? Of course: it's not only pressure-sensitive but also offers poly-aftertouch. This means each key can control parameters in a different way depending on how much you touch. You can also use its USB, MIDI and CV outputs to control instruments in your DAW and modular synths. This also means that you can also use MicroFreak as a controller to experience polyphonic aftertouch with cutting edge software instruments.

More Information
MPN 570101
Manufacturer Arturia
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power supply
1/8" TRS to 5-pin MIDI adapter
Analog/Digital Digital
Number of Keys 25
Weighted Keys No
Key Action Flat touch plate pressure-sensitive keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch
Aftertouch Yes
Programs/Presets 128 factory presets
Storage for 64 user sounds
Voices of Polyphony Duophonic
Oscillators per Voice Varies by Sound Engine
Sequencer Step sequencer with 4 automation lanes
Spice and Dice randomization functions
Arpeggiator Yes
USB Port (to Host) MIDI, System Updates
Audio Outputs 1/4" main mono output / headphone output
Control Connections 1/8" pitch CV output
1/8" gate output
1/8" pressure CV output
1/8" clock input and output
Onboard Controllers Modulation touch strip
Width 12.5"
Depth 9.2"
Height 2.2"
Product Weight 2.5 lb
Unique Features 5×7 modulation matrix with three user-assignable destinations
OLED display

Arturia Hardware Warranty

Arturia hardware warranty is one year parts & labor, except for issues caused by the customer, such as mechanical/electrical damage, that are non-warranty.

All warranty repairs/exchanges are handled through the new Arturia Service Center in Bellingham, WA.

For warranty service, an RA# must first be obtained from Arturia.

Arturia will pay for return shipping of the repaired/exchanged product to the store/customer.

Arturia Service may charge a fee (restocking or return to dealer fee) for products that are received with 'no problem found' (returned to Arturia without being tested prior).


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