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    This Kraft Music Bundle Includes

    Gewa G3 Studio Electronic Drum Set

    The GEWA G3 Studio 5 is a five-piece electronic kit, composed of a 12" all-mesh snare, 3 10-inch Tom Pads, as well 3-zone crash, hi hat, and ride cymbals. The GEWA G3 module uses the same samples and triggering technology as the brand's flagship G9 module, but in a more compact package with fewer inputs and outputs. It features 40 high-resolution drum kit presets, built from a total of over 900 individual voices.

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    Gibraltar 5711S Single Bass Drum Pedal

    This pedal features a fast touch “G” pedal board design and dual surface balanced bass drum beater. The single chain CAM drive action gives fast response in a simple design without too many adjustments.

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    Gibraltar 6608 Drum Throne with Motorcycle Seat

    This motorcycle top drum throne is made from top grade foam for maximum comfort and features a double-braced design for extra stability.

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    Audio-Technica ATH-T22 Dynamic Stereo Headphones

    Whether you're practicing on your digital piano, mixing your latest recording, or rocking out with your electronic drum kit, these comfortable, over-ear headphones will provide quality sound. Enjoy music at any time without disturbing your neighbors!

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    Kraft Music Instrument Cable by Strukture - 10'

    This instrument cable has a metal headshell and spring-steel strain relief, a great addition to this exclusive offer.

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    On-Stage 5A Wood Tip Drumsticks

    To play with lightning speed you need sticks that are stronger, straighter and last longer. On-Stage found a quality wood that is perfect for just that!

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    The latest addition to the GEWA Digital Drums family—the GEWA G3 Studio Kit—is the perfect solution for the drummer who wants a digital drum kit with high-quality drum sounds and is available at an entry level price.

    • G3 Drum Module featuring the same samples and triggering engine as G9 module.
    • 3x 10" Tom Pads
    • 12" Snare Pad
    • 10" Kick Pad
    • GEWA Studio Rack
    • 18" Ride cymbal pad (3 zones)
    • 14" Crash cymbal pad (3 zones)
    • 14" Hi-Hat cymbal pad (3 zones) incl. controller
    • Hi-Hat stand
    • Complete cable set
    • Cable routing w/fastening
    • Bluetooth Audio & MIDI
    • 100 Slots for own WAV. samples
    • Pro-Audio-Recording Tools—Multi-channel Audio and Midi-recording
    • Advanced Song Player—tempo function, loop-function
    • 3D-Sonic Image—recorded room-sounds for every drum
    • Regular Updates for free, including new functions
    • Made and developed in Germany

    Five-piece Electronic Kit

    The G3 is outfitted with a 10” kick drum pad, a 12” snare drum pad, 3x 10” tom pads—all fitted with dual-ply mesh heads for a more-realistic playing surface. Besides the kick drum—which has 1-zone—all pads have 2-zone triggering capabilities. The G3 is also equipped with 14” hi-hat cymbals, a 14” crash cymbal, and an 18” ride cymbal—all with 360-degree playing surfaces, as well as GEWA’s 3-Zone triggering system, allowing different triggering for the bell, the bow and the edge—this includes the hi-hat!

    Quality Hardware

    Complete with a GEWA Rack System and a separate hi-hat stand, the GEWA G3 Studio drum kit is compact and fits in the smallest of playing areas—whether at home, in the rehearsal space, or on stage.

    High-quality Sound Samples

    One of the most important characteristics of the G3 is that it shares the same high-quality sound samples, as well as the same triggering design of both of its siblings, the GEWA G9 and G5 drum kits. The G3 module features 40 high-resolution drum kit presets, built from a total of over 900 individual voices. The library was captured at Berlin's Funkhaus Studios, with up to 1000 samples used per-instrument, making for a realistic drumming experience.

    Born To Play

    The new GEWA G3 module combines everything a drummer needs in an entry level kit, but provides it at the highest quality. It is perfect for practicing at home, for band rehearsal — even for live performance. The GEWA G3 Studio kit is in a class of its own and is the perfect choice for anyone who is “Born to Play”.

    More Information
    MPN GD803205
    Manufacturer GEWA
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power Cable
    Number of Pads 8
    Snare Pad Zones/Surface 2 / Mesh
    Tom Pad Zones/Surface 2 / Mesh
    Cymbal Zones 3
    Cymbal Choke Capability Yes
    Kick Pad Surface 10" Mesh
    Hi Hat Stand Included Yes
    Kick Pedal Included Kick Pedal Included In Bundle
    Throne Included Throne Included In Bundle
    Instrument Sounds 901
    Drum Kits 128
    Trigger Inputs 10
    Sequencer/Recording Yes
    Audio Inputs 1/4" Audio In
    Audio Outputs 1/4" L+R Master Out
    1/4" Headphones
    Connectivity USB, MIDI, Bluetooth


    Warranty for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase on hardware and workmanship is granted by the dealership where the digital drum set or console was originally bought. In the event of a proven defect, the buyer has in the first instance only the right to receive supplementary performance. Supplementary performance includes either rectification or supply of a replacement product. Equipment or exchanged parts become to be the property of the processing dealership.

    In the event supplementary performance should fail, the buyer may negotiate a reduction of the purchase price or withdraw from the contract and, if the dealership is responsible for the defect, demand compensation for damages and/or expenses deriving from the defect(s). The buyer must inform the dealer immediately on any defects identified. The only way to prove a warranty claim is that the buyer can present a valid proof of purchase, e.g., invoice.

    Damage arising from incorrect handling, operation or storage as well as by force majeure or other external influences does not comply with the warranty terms, nor in addition does the use of consumer products such as rechargeable batteries, strings, skins or seals. If you suspect to have a claim covered by the warranty terms regarding your GEWA product, please contact your dealer during regular business hours.

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