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    Hammond Skx Pro Dual Manual Stage Keyboard

    The Hammond SK PRO has quickly become the preferred stage keyboard for musicians of all genres, and Hammond heard the call for a dual manual version. No matter which style you play, the SKX PRO will meet your demands for a genuine dual-manual Hammond Organ with all the required additional sounds any keyboard player requires, for any performance or recording session.

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    Hammond SK2/SKX/SKX Pro Gig Bag

    Custom fitted, heavy duty, and light weight gig bag for safely carrying your Hammond SK2, SKX, or SKX Pro keyboard in comfort.

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    Mackie Thump12A Powered Loudspeaker

    Delivering proven, chest-thumping low-end in an extremely affordable package; the 1300W Thump12A 12î Powered Loudspeaker has been redesigned from the ground up to sound better than ever.

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    On-Stage KS7150 Platform Style Keyboard Stand

    An extremely strong stand with independent height and width adjustment, this stand also folds down for easy transport. This model leaves plenty of room underneath for bass pedals and other foot controllers, which is especially nice for organ players.

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    On-Stage KT320PLUS Deluxe X-Frame Bench

    If you play extended gigs, or just want a bench that is more comfortable, you will love this padded keyboard bench. The height-adjustable design includes an extra comfortable 3" cushion and a secure deadbolt locking system.

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    Radial ProD2 Stereo Direct Box

    The ProD2 is a compact stereo direct box developed specifically to address the needs and challenges of interfacing a stereo keyboard to a professional audio system.

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    Hammond CU-1 Half Moon Tremolo/Off/Chorale Switch

    This half-moon shaped switch assembly is used to control the speeds of the internal digital Leslie found in the Leslie Pedal, XK-3, XK-3C, XK-5, SKX, and SK-2 as well as the speeds of any Leslie speaker that is connected to the 11-pin Leslie connector found on the XK-3 or XK-5.

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    Hammond EXP-20 Expression Pedal

    This expression pedal is designed to control the volume of various Hammond XK and SK series organs.

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    On-Stage KSP350 Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

    Piano players prefer the feel of a real sustain pedal. This pedal features a built-in 6' cable with 1/4" connector and polarity switch, making it compatible with virtually any keyboard or digital piano.

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    On-Stage KSP50 Universal Footswitch

    This versatile universal pedal features a built-in 6' cord and polarity switch. Compatible with any keyboard or electronic instrument with a 1/4" pedal jack.

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    Hosa HPP-010X2 Dual REAN 1/4" TS Cable - 10' - qty 2

    This professional-grade dual 1/4" cable is designed to connect your instrument to any unit with right and left channels. Great for keyboards, mixing consoles, PA systems, or other sound reinforcement or recording applications.

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    Kraft Music XLR Microphone Cable by Strukture - 25' - qty 2

    Quality sound and construction that you can rely on! These cables have the strength and durability to withstand regular use. A great choice for any audio application.

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    Furman SS-6B Surge Suppressing Power Strip

    With a 15 foot power cord, the SS-6B is a great option to reach a distant outlet, while ensuring the safety of your electronic equipment.

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    Hammond SK Series set the standard for lightweight stage keyboards with just the right mix of features for any player, regardless of genre. Now Skx Pro advances and refines the SK concept, bringing unprecedented tonal versatility and functionality combined with logical realtime controls.

    • Dual manual 61-key design with velocity, semi-weighted, Square-front “Waterfall” style keys
    • Four sound engines that can be used individually or in any combination
    • High-resolution samples
    • Three independent sets of drawbars: upper/lower/pedal
    • Piano with a wide variety of keyboard instruments, including new high-resolution Grand and Electric Piano sounds
    • Ensemble section with brass, reed, string, choir and percussion instruments
    • Mono Synth section with modeled analog sound
    • Seamless switching of tones during performance
    • Convenient Favorites and per-section Allocate buttons for quick access during performance
    • Large color display provides essential information at a glance
    • Multiple assignable outputs with discrete rotary and organ pedal (bass) outputs
    • USB-to-device and USB-to-host ports for storage and MIDI-over-USB
    • 11-pin Leslie connection

    Organ section
    Skx Pro features the state-of-the-art Modeled Tone Wheel 1 (MTW1) sound engine pioneered by Hammond XK-5 and widely recognized as the standard in digital tone wheel sound. The Virtual Multi-Contact function replicates the keyboard performance of a vintage Hammond Organ, allowing the player to experience distinctive Hammond feel in every detail. In addition to great drawbar sounds, Skx Pro also models Italian, British and Japanese transistor combo organs as well as a full range of classical pipe organ voices and, for the first time in any modern keyboard, a range of theatre pipe organ voices.

    Organ effects
    The built-in digital Leslie brings deeper authenticity including the airflow of Leslie rotors, faithfully reproducing the Leslie's unique tone and three-dimensional effect, while an improved tube modeling system provides the essential Hammond 'tube warmth.' A special system emulating the 'matching transformer' of a vintage Hammond organ adds striking authenticity to drawbar tones.

    Piano and Ensemble sections
    Skx Pro contains high-quality samples of the world's leading grand piano sounds, including a new 'S' sample of a legendary European piano. 162 high-definition digital voices (upgraded in resolution from previous SK models) provide a wide variety of additional tonal possibilities, many new to the SK series. All Piano and Ensemble voices can be fully edited: sample choice, EG, filter, LFO and other parameters are now in your control and can be saved as a patch. 12 sub-category buttons allow easy and instant tone selection. Hammond's exclusive ProChord feature is available on many voices, letting the player reproduce complex harmonies by playing a single-note melody while playing chords with the left hand.

    Mono Synth section
    Skx Pro incorporates a physical modeling synthesizer that faithfully reproduces the sounds of classic analog mono synths. Six different oscillator configurations are provided as well as controls for filter and amplitude, allowing the player to create and tweak sounds in real time just like on a classic analog synth.

    Patches and Combinations
    Skx Pro's basic voice unit is a Patch, storing source sounds and all parameter programming, with both factory and user patches: 100 of each for the Organ and Mono Synth sections and 300 factory, 100 user for the Piano and Ensemble Sections. Skx Pro introduces Combinations, encompassing Patches from any or all of the four voice sections along with performance parameters; you can also incorporate external MIDI instruments into Combinations. 200 Combinations are available: 100 factory and 100 user.

    Allocate and Favorites buttons
    Using the four centrally-located section-enabling Allocate buttons a player can call up any part of a combination in real time, effectively providing four discrete, instantly-accessible keyboards per combination. Any ten combinations may be assigned to the Favorites buttons for instant access, with ten banks of ten Favorites each available.

    In addition to the dedicated reverb effect control on the top panel, each of the four voice sections can receive overdrive with four models provided as well as two types of comprehensive DSP multi-effects, including chorus, delay, tremolo, phaser, flanger, wah, ring modulator, compressor and auto-pan options.

    Performance controls
    Skx Pro incorporates pitch bend and modulation wheels for expression. Each voice section has its own volume control for realtime section mixing and balancing.

    In addition to its dual stereo 1/4" main output and 1/4" stereo headphone output, Skx Pro has two additional 1/4" outputs assignable to any of the four voice sections, discrete 1/4" organ pedal and rotary outputs and a 1/8" stereo external audio input with gain control. Skx Pro has an 11-pin Leslie interface (cable sold separately); when using the Leslie output Organ sounds will be removed from the main stereo output. Using the USB-to-device port, Skx Pro can save Patches, Combinations and other data to USB memory, while MIDI can be transmitted and received via either 5-pin connections or the USB-to-host port.

    More Information
    MPN 002-SKX PRO
    Manufacturer Hammond
    Condition New
    Included from Manufacturer Power cord
    Number of Keys 61 x 2 (Dual Manual)
    Key Action Semi-weighted waterfall
    Weighted Keys Semi-Weighted
    Programs/Presets Favorites: 100
    Combination: 100 factory, 100 user
    Organ: 100 factory, 100 user
    Piano/Ensemble: 300 factory, 400 user
    Mono Synth: 100 factory, 100 user
    Tone wheel: 12 factory, 12 user
    Pedal registration: 3 factory, 3 user
    Voices of Polyphony 128
    Mono Synth section is monophonic
    Transpose Yes
    Split Yes
    Duet Mode No
    Layer Yes
    MIDI Control Zones 3
    Metronome No
    Accompaniments No
    Effects Organ: vibrato, chorus, overdrive, matching transformer, rotary speaker, EQ, tone control, 2 multi-effects
    Piano, Ensemble and Mono Synth: overdrive, EQ, 2 multi-effects per section
    Master: EQ, reverb
    Onboard Controllers 9 organ drawbars
    Pitch bend wheel
    Modulation wheel
    Control Connections 11-pin Leslie connection
    1/4" Leslie switch / footswitch input
    1/4" footswitch input
    1/4" damper pedal input
    1/4" expression pedal input
    Audio Outputs Dual 1/4" stereo main output
    1/4" stereo headphone output
    2 × 1/4" assignable outputs
    1/4" organ pedal (bass) output
    1/4" rotary output
    Audio Inputs 1/8" stereo external audio input
    MIDI In, Out, USB
    USB Port (to Host) MIDI, File Transfer
    USB Flash Drive Port (to Device) Program/Preset Storage
    Organ Models Tonewheel, Transistor, Pipe
    Drawbar Style Physical
    Drawbar Sets 2 Sets
    Pedal Drawbars Yes
    Leslie Output 11-Pin
    Reverse Key Presets No
    Rotary Simulation Yes
    Half Moon Switch Input No
    Pedal Board Input 5-Pin MIDI In
    Finish British green
    Width 39.5""
    Depth 19"
    Height 7.2"
    Product Weight 37.25 lb

    Hammond USA Limited 1-Year Warranty

    Hammond-Suzuki, LTD. ('Hammond') warrants to the original consumer/purchaser that this product shall be free from any defect in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase for an authorized Hammond dealer.

    If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this one-year warranty period, you should return the product within such one year to:

    A. The dealer from whom you purchased it, together with a copy of your sales slip or similar proof-of purchase, and the dealer will repair the defective unit without charge for parts or labor.


    B. The nearest Hammond Authorized Service Center together with a copy of your sales slip or similar proof-of-purchase, and the authorized service will repair the defective unit without charge for parts or labor.

    The warranty does not cover damage or malfunction resulting from improper handling or abuse, accident, misuse, failure of electrical power, battery leakage, use on improper voltage or current, failure to follow normal procedures outlined in the User’s Manual, use with other products not manufactured or approved by Hammond, alteration, damage while in transit for repairs, repairs attempted by any unauthorized person or agency or any other reason not due to defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty is void if the serial number (if any) has been altered, defaced, or removed.

    Any implied warranties arising out the sale of this hardware product, including but not limited to the implied warranties or merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to above one-year period. Liability is limited solely to the repair or replacement of the defective product in Hammond's sole discretion, and in no event shall include damages for loss of use or other incidental or consequential costs, expenses or damages incurred by the purchaser, including, without limitation, any data or information which may be lost or rendered inaccurate, even if Hammond has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

    Hammond shall have no obligation to enhance or update any product once manufactured.

    Some states do not allow limitations on how long any implied warranty lasts or the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. (Available in USA only.)

    To receive the protection of the limited one-year warranty, you must return your registration card within 10 days after the date of purchase.

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