Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Electronic Drum Set

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Roland V-Drums Electronic Drum Kit including TD-07 Module, PDX-8 Snare Pad, Three PDX-6A Tom Pads, KD-10 Kick Pad, CY-8 Crash and Ride Cymbals, Hi-Hat Cymbals with Integrated Food Pedal and Four-Post Drum Rack Stand
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Conveniently compact and ideal for drumming at home, Roland TD-07KV V-Drums delivers the superior expression and playability of high-end V-Drums in an affordable package. Roland's original ultra-quiet, double-ply mesh heads feature across the snare and tom pads, while large crash and ride pads and a dedicated kick pad with realistic, satisfying pedal feel round out the kit. TD-07KV also lets you explore creative opportunities that go far beyond any acoustic kit with deep editing tools to craft custom sounds, onboard Bluetooth to play along with music tracks and lessons, USB to connect with computer recording software and much more.

  • TD-07 module with 25 preset kits, 25 user kits and 143 instruments
  • V-Edit, EQ, ambience and 30 multi-effects offer deep editing tools to create your perfect drum kit sounds
  • Snare and tom pads feature Roland's legendary double-ply, tension-adjustable mesh drumheads
  • PDX-8 8" snare pad with independent head and rim zones for assigning different sounds
  • Three PDX-6A 6" single-zone tom pads
  • KD-10 kick pad offers realistic rebound and beater feel while minimizing noise and vibration
  • CY-8 12" crash and ride cymbals with choke support
  • 10" hi-hat cymbals and integrated foot pedal with fine incremental control between open and closed positions
  • Four-post drum rack stand with metal construction and sturdy clamps with strong grip
  • Integrated Bluetooth lets you wirelessly stream sound from smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices and send MIDI data to music apps
  • Advanced built-in metronome with the ability to adjust time signature, note value and click tone
  • Onboard coach function provides interactive tools to build timing skills and track progress
  • USB for recording audio and MIDI data to computer music software
  • Support for kit expansion with a second crash cymbal (CY-8 V-Cymbal and MDY-Standard cymbal arm, sold separately)
overhead view of drummer playing Roland TD-07KV in living room

Genuine V-Drums performance
Over two-plus decades, Roland V-Drums have established a well-earned reputation as the most realistic, best playing and best sounding electronic drums available – bar none. Laying the path for all electronic drums sets that have followed, V-Drums are often imitated but never equaled. TD-07KV fully embodies this proud legacy, bringing you the finest electronic drumming experience available in its class.

detail image of Roland TD-07 drum module screen showing instrument edit interface

Exceptional sound
The heart of any great electronic drum set is a powerful, capable and speedy sound module; TD-07 fully meets these demands. At your command are acoustic drums and percussion captured in precise detail in pro studios, brought to life with advanced V-Drums technologies that make them behave just like their acoustic counterparts as you play them. There's a wide range of electronic percussion as well, plus the ability to personalize each and every sound to your liking.

detail image of Roland TD-07 drum module screen showing instrument edit interface
detail image of Roland TD-07 drum module screen showing kit selection interface

Play right away or dive deeper
TD-07 is filled with inspiring, ready-to-play preset kits for instant gratification right out of the box. And when you're ready for deeper exploration, a massive drum library awaits. Switch out one snare for another, mix up the toms, go large on the kick drum and swap heavy for light crashes and rides. Then tune the drums, add damping and change the ambient environment at will. For the finishing touch, use the module's individual EQs to shape the drums to perfection, just as a pro sound engineer would do.

drummer playing Roland TD-07KV in living room using headphones with friend reading tablet computer in foreground

Truly quiet drums
One of the main advantages of choosing electronic drums for home playing is that they're much quieter than acoustic drums. But not all electronic kits are created equal, and the amount of physical noise they generate can vary greatly. Backed by decades of R&D, TD-07KV is purpose-designed to be much quieter than other e-kits. Mesh heads minimize pad noise without compromising stick rebound and special damping in the kick pad reduces noise and vibration while retaining a satisfying, natural feel. The stand components are designed to reduce the vibration and noise transferred to your floor, and Roland offers a range of optional solutions (sold separately) to even further reduce noise if needed.

drummer playing Roland TD-07KV in living room using headphones with friend reading tablet computer in foreground
cropped front overhead view of drummer playing Roland TD-07KV in practice space

Real acoustic sound and response
While some electronic kits promise 'acoustic sound,' they actually just offer static drum tones that are triggered at varying levels depending on how hard the pads are played. In stark contrast, V-Drums produce a rich array of tone colors, providing an inspiring musical experience that feels like playing acoustic drums. Thanks to advanced precision sensors, TD-07KV's drum and cymbal pads detect every hit, stoke, roll, flam and ghost note perfectly – even cymbal chokes can be performed organically. Faster than you can blink, this information is processed by the sound module so that that exact correct tone is heard. You won't notice any of this technology at work, but when you close your eyes and start drumming with TD-07KV you'll know that it feels just right.

detail image of Roland mesh-head drum pad material with Roland logo printing

Authentic Roland mesh-head pads
In 1997 Roland introduced the world's first mesh drumhead to universal acclaim, and they've been the de facto standard ever since. Born of years of development, the unique double-layer mesh design offers natural stick resistance and rebound that feels very close to playing an acoustic drumhead plus adjustable tension that lets you fine-tune the feel using a standard drum key. Single-ply mesh heads used on other electronic drums are not made of the same material, so they don't feel as good to play. They can also provide less accurate sensing, resulting in poor dynamic response and mis-triggering. TD-07KV comes with authentic Roland mesh-head snare and tom pads as standard, giving you the most accurate playing feel and sensing available.

detail image of Roland mesh-head drum pad material with Roland logo printing
view from below of drummer adjusting Roland TD-07KV drum rack hardware

Strong and stable hardware
When you're drumming in full swing, there's nothing more frustrating than a stand that feels unstable or a drum that starts to move away as you play it. Built with strong materials and quality components, TD-07KV's hardware delivers the rock-solid stability you need. The custom drum stand provides a firm, steady foundation, while precision clamps tightly hold all components in place. Carrying on the rugged durability that V-Drums are famous for, TD-07KV is ready to stand up to years of heavy playing, day after day.

point-of-view image of drummer holding smartphone and drumsticks while sitting at Roland TD-07KV

Play along with music over Bluetooth
Drumming with your favorite tracks is one of the most fun and productive things you can do with an electronic kit, and TD-07KV makes it easy. Thanks to onboard Bluetooth, you can call up tracks on your smartphone, tablet or computer and wirelessly hear the audio through the module right alongside the drums. Video sound is transmitted, too, perfect for playing along with online songs and lesson content. And if you don't have a Bluetooth device, you can still bring in stereo sound with a cable. MIDI transmission over Bluetooth is also supported, allowing you to record MIDI data in music apps cable-free.

point-of-view image of drummer holding smartphone and drumsticks while sitting at Roland TD-07KV
drummer playing Roland TD-07KV in living room with desktop computer on table in background running music recording software

Connectivity with music software via USB
A huge benefit of electronic drums is direct communication with modern music production software. The TD-07 module is an audio/MIDI recording interface in itself with the ability to send stereo sound and multi-channel MIDI data to a Mac or Windows computer via a single USB cable. This lets you record discrete audio and MIDI drum tracks in any DAW or trigger sounds in software-based drum instruments for studio or live playing.

over-the-shoulder close-up view of drummer interacting with Melodics drum lesson software on tablet computer while seated at Roland TD-07KV

Make drum practice sessions fun with 40 free lessons from Melodics
Melodics is a desktop app that connects to your V-Drums. By playing along to step-by-step lessons and tracks, you can learn new beats, build your rhythm and timing, record yourself and discover where you can improve with the playback feature. There's no limit to how many times you play your 40 free lessons – they're free for life – and when you're ready for more, you can subscribe for unlimited lessons (subscription sold separately). Practice sessions no longer need to be routine: download Melodics, connect your TD-07KV and make your time behind the kit serious fun. Click HERE to learn more.

over-the-shoulder close-up view of drummer interacting with Melodics drum lesson software on tablet computer while seated at Roland TD-07KV
More Information
Manufacturer Roland
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer TD-07 module
PDX-8 snare pad
3 × PDX-6A tom pads
KD-10 kick pad
CY-8 crash and ride cymbals
Hi-hat cymbals with integrated foot pedal
Four-post drum rack stand
Power supply
Number of Pads 8
Snare Pad Zones/Surface Independent head and rim zones
Tom Pad Zones/Surface Single zone
Cymbal Zones Single zone with choke support
Cymbal Choke Capability Yes
Kick Pedal Included No
Throne Included No
Instrument Sounds 143
Drum Kits 50 kit storage locations
20+ preset kits
Trigger Inputs DB-25 type (Kick, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Hi-hat, Crash 1, Crash 2, Ride, Hi-hat control)
Metronome Yes
Sequencer/Recording No
Audio Inputs 1/8" MIX IN input
Audio Outputs 1/8" stereo OUTPUT/PHONES output
Connectivity USB

Roland/Boss Consumer Limited Warranty

This limited warranty applies only to Roland and Boss products purchased in the United States of America.

Roland Corporation U.S. warrants to the first consumer only of a covered product purchased from an authorized Roland dealer in the U.S. that this product will be free from defects in materials for a period of one (1) year or defects in workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days. Please register this product online to establish the date of purchase (not a requirement for warranty service).

To exercise your rights under this Warranty as a purchaser, you must ship this product in appropriate packaging at your expense (insurance is recommended), together with proof of purchase, to Roland Corporation U.S., or to such other address as may be instructed by Roland Corporation U.S. (This shipping requirement shall not apply to those Roland products covered by in-home warranties). You should submit a new service request to obtain a Return Authorization number for the returned product. Any products shipped to Roland Corporation U.S. without a Return Authorization number shall be refused.

Roland Corporation U.S. will repair or replace this product at its sole option at no charge to you for parts or for labor within the warranty period; provided, however, that Roland Corporation U.S. reserves the right to determine whether the product is 'defective' for purposes of this Limited Warranty. This Warranty does not apply to damage to this product that occurred as a result of abuse or misuse, abnormal service or handling, battery leakage or failure, damage which may have been caused either directly or indirectly by another product, or if the product has been altered or modified in any way, or if the damage was caused by repairs or service provided or attempted by anyone other than Roland Corporation U.S. or a Roland Authorized Service Center.

In no event shall Roland Corporation U.S. be liable for any indirect, incidental, collateral, exemplary, punitive, consequential or special damages or losses arising out of your purchase of products and/or out of this warranty, including without limitation, loss of use, profits, goodwill or savings or loss of data, music, electronic files, or programs that may have been stored by a user of the product even if Roland Corporation U.S. has been advised of the possibility of such damages or claims. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.

Where applicable, if you qualify as a 'consumer' under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, then you shall be entitled to any implied warranties allowed by law for the period of the Limited Warranty as set forth above. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you. Except as stated above, the foregoing warranties are in lieu of all other conditions or warranties, express, implied or statutory, including without limitation, an implied condition or warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose and of any other warranty obligation on the part of Roland Corporation U.S.

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