Vermona Mono Lancet '15 Desktop Monophonic Analog Synthesizer Module

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Vermona Lancet Series Compact Tabletop Analog Synthesizer Module with Two Analog Oscillators, Low-Pass Filter and Optional Eurorack Modular Dock/Expander

Vermona Mono Lancet '15 is a compact synthesizer with a big sound, an uncomplicated user interface and lots of charm. The original Mono Lancet was an instant classic, and the '15 update adds three extra LFO waveforms and a USB port for firmware updates.

Two analog oscillators ensure a solid sound foundation. Oscillator one creates triangle, sawtooth and square waves and has a range one octave lower than the second oscillator. The latter has the same sawtooth and square waves but replaces the triangle with a white noise source. The pulse width can be modulated over MIDI via the modulation wheel. The glide generator has a legato mode or can be permanently engaged.

The voltage controlled lowpass filter has a slope of 24db per octave. On high resonance settings it self-oscillates, producing a stable sine wave that can be played over a range of about 2½ octaves. Using MIDI, the cutoff frequency can be set to respond to velocity and/or aftertouch.

There's a strong VCA inside Mono Lancet '15 that can be modulated by the ADSR envelope generator or a fixed, 'organ-like' envelope. It can also be switched via MIDI CC to respond to velocity.

The ADSR envelope generator can modulate the VCO and VCF frequency as well as the VCA. The LFO offers saw up, saw down, sine, rectangle and triangle waveforms as well as sample & hold and can be a modulation source for the VCF and/or VCO.

There's a 25-pin D-sub 'extension' connector on the rear of Mono Lancet '15. The optional Mono Lancet Modular Dock (sold separately) is a eurorack module that widens the potential of the synthesizer enormously through numerous inputs and outputs for control voltages and audio signals, per-oscillator PWM and filter cutoff inputs being just two examples.

  • VCO1
    • Waveforms: square, sawtooth, triangle
    • Octaves: 8', 16', 32'
  • VCO2
    • Waveforms: square, sawtooth
    • White noise generator
    • Octaves: 4', 8', 16'
    • Detune ±7 semitones
  • VCO1 and VCO2
    • Adjustable LFO intensity to pitch
    • Bipolar adjustable envelope generator intensity
    • Glide (legato mode or always active)
    • Oscillator 1/2 mix control
    • Pulse width modulation via MIDI (modulation wheel)
    • Master tune ±1 note
  • VCF
    • 24 dB/octave lowpass filter
    • Resonance can be played over a range of approximately 2½ octaves
    • Bipolar adjustable envelope generator intensity
    • Adjustable LFO intensity
    • Switchable keytrack: Off, 50%, 100%
  • VCA
    • Modes: envelope generator, gate envelope, on
  • LFO
    • Waveforms: saw up, saw down, square, triangle, sine, sample & hold
    • Frequency range: ±0.05 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Envelope generator
    • Attack, decay, sustain, release
  • MIDI functions
    • Note on/off
    • Pitch bender - affects VCO pitch (±4 tones)
    • Modulation wheel - affects square wave pulse width
    • Aftertouch - affects cutoff frequency
    • Velocity - affects VCA
    • Velocity can additionally be set to affect cutoff frequency
    • Auto-glide on/off - controls whether glide only works when playing legato
    • Legato on/off - controls whether envelope will be retriggered when playing legato
More Information
MPN 800002
Manufacturer Vermona
Condition New
Included from Manufacturer Power Supply
Analog/Digital Analog
Number of Keys None
Key Action None
Speakers None
Programs/Presets (2) oscillators
Voices of Polyphony 1
Oscillators per Voice 1
Effects None
Sequencer None
Sampling None
Internal Storage Capacity None
Audio File Playback No
Arpeggiator No
MIDI In, Thru
Audio Inputs None
Audio Outputs 1/4" mono
Control Connections None
Onboard Controllers TRIG and SEQ buttons to audition sound via either single notes or built-in preset sequences
Expansion 25-pin Sub-D connector
Width 8.27"
Depth 5.70"
Height 2.17"
Product Weight 1.65 lbs.
Unique Features Connects via Sub-D connector to Vermona Mono Lancet Modular Dock eurorack module (sold separately)

Vermona Limited Warranty

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The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to products that have been damaged due to and/or subjected to improper handling by shipping companies (forwarders), negligence, accidents, improper use or alteration not authorized by the manufacturer.

This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties, expressed or implied. The manufacturer will not be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage whatsoever, whether based upon allegations or negligence, breach of warranty, or otherwise. This disclaimer of incidental or consequential damages includes, but is not limited to, property damages, loss of profits, loss of time or other losses or inconvenient resulting from any defect in the material or workmanship of this product or any other connection with the purchase, operation or use of this product.

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